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A tunnel is the medium that provide tunnelling, also known as "port forwarding".

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What's a good SSH tunneling client for OS X?

I've been using SSH Tunnel manager to easily set up and stop port tunneling over SSH to various servers at my company. That saved me the pain of opening up a new terminal window which will hang out ...
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How to ensure that all traffic goes through VPN connection once it has been started?

I connect to the internet through a VPN provider along with other precautions in order to ensure privacy (against traffic analysis by agencies of a repressive government). I currently use Tunnelblick ...
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Is X11 still used today?

I have had X11 installed on my Mac for quite some time (as long as I have owned it I think) and have never used it. Do applications still use X11 or is out outdated at this point? Should I "learn" how ...
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How does Back To My Mac work without UPnP or NAT-PMP?

Back To My Mac (BTMM) used to require UPnP or NAT-PMP on your router to work, but at some point this changed and it can work (albeit slowly) without those. BTMM (usually?) works by setting up an ...
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Reverse SSH tunnel on the iPad

Is is possible to set up a reverse SSH tunnel on an iPad? I'd like to be to do basic nmap TCP scans and use some other tools that the iPad doesn't have on remote networks. So my idea is after I've ...
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