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Questions tagged [terminology]

For questions about words, phrases and definitions that are specific to Apple hardware and/or software.

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What is the official name "Command Line Tools" or "Xcode Command Line Tools"?

What is the official name Command Line Tools or Xcode Command Line Tools? If you go to and write Command Line Tools as search criteria then in the results ...
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What do you call the OSX Window Server, Window Manager, and Desktop Environment?

In Linux we have three layers that represent the Window Server, Window Manager, and Desktop Environment. All of those three layers have more than one competing technology. I'm confused when talking ...
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Naming a Cell in Numbers

Can you define a cell's name in Numbers for use in formulas across a workbook like you can in Excel?
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How can I get the "Look Up" option to find results?

How can I get the "Look Up" option to find results. In Terminal, if I select a command word then right click on it I want to use the Look Up option in the drop down menu. It is not grayed out. It ...
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What's the difference, in Apple parlance, between a Cursor and a Mouse Pointer?

I tend to call it a "pointer", to distinguish it from the text cursor, and because it can be controlled without a mouse (e.g. trackpad). However, I would like to use the same kind of language Apple ...
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What is it called when your Mac doesn't fully crash?

What is it called when an app crashes and it ends up logging you out, without restarting your computer? The computer never fully turns off because the /tmp fold doesn't get reset.
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Difference between sleep, hibernate, etc

Recently I've been googling about a problem with my MB and got very confused by the use of these terms on the internets: sleep mode hibernate mode safe sleep idle sleep standby mode poweroff mode (...
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Difference between autopoweroff and standby in pmset

I just got a new Retina MacBook Pro 15". After getting some downloads interrupted due to the computer going to sleep (even on AC power), I started looking at the man page for the pmset command. I ...
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Does iOS report usage in megabytes or mebibytes?

When looking at usage stats in iOS (data sent/received), are the megabytes/gigabytes in base-10 or base-2? The docs are not entirely conclusive (since it doesn't address usage specifically) but ...
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2 answers

What is the Apple / OS X name for "Alternate Data Streams"?

On old Macs before OS X files already could have two "forks" - a data fork and a resource fork. According to Wikipedia, at some point the HFS+ filesystem of OS X gained the ability to have an ...
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Confusion on Metadata | Named Forks | Extended Attributes | Resource Fork -- HFS+

I think there is some general confusion on the relation between all four of these items scattered throughout the web. I wanted to get this straightened out. Are named forks the same as extended ...
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What do these different terms for system memory in OS X mean? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What does it mean if I have lots of “Inactive” memory at the end of a work day? I just bought a MacBook Pro (I've been a Windows user before this), and I noticed ...
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Is there a name for the common ground between Lion and iOS 5?

While working on the wording for another question, I wanted to refer to the parts of the Apple environment which are, by design, the same in Lion and in iOS 5. For example, it is reasonable to ...
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21 votes
3 answers

What's the canonical name for the "sunburst" waiting animation?

Is there an accepted name for the spinning animation that's displayed when one needs to wait for an indefinite amount of time? It looks like this:
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How do you pronounce the clover-like key (⌘)?

How do you pronounce the clover-like key ⌘ ?
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