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2 answers

How are template documents supposed to work?

I saved a iWork Numbers document as a template (and if I look at the file's file information in Finder, the template checkbox is checked). I later opened this template document on computer A and ...
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How do I get use a template?

It would be very convenient in macOS mail if upon clicking Reply, a simple template would: insert a "Hi [first name of recipient from original email]," add my signature quote the original email at ...
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1 answer

How to get rid of default font (Helvetica Neue) in Numbers?

I am using Numbers '09. I defined (and saved within My Templates) a template of a very basic table format where all cells are formatted with Palatino: If I simply hit ⌘+Xwithin any selected cell, ...
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How to adjust the left margin in Pages' Business Resume template

In the screenshot below, can someone tell me please how to shift the main text area to the left? From the ruler, one can see the text begins at about 6.7 cm. Changing Document Margins from the ...
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How can I install template from 3rd party to Keynote?

After downloading a template for my Keynote program, I can't seem to install it correctly so that I can utilize the 200+ slides that are included when I wish to add a new slide in the presentation. I ...
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How to set my real name and address of Pages templates?

Pages always uses "Urna Semper" as the name in my templates. Can I set this somewhere to use my own name and address? It's a bit annoying to change all the time.
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Is it possible to link a new text style to the list styles?

I'm making a custom template in Pages 5.5.3 app on OS X 10.10. I've created a new text-style for my bulletpoints, but pages does always select the 'main text' for the bullet points.. Is it possible ...
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How can I print adress labels

Is there a program to create address labels on my MacBook Pro laptop? I want to do Christmas labels on the Avery Labels.
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Is it possible to define template files for the context-menu?

I often have to generate files (for example letters), which should have a certain content at the beginning (e.g. letter head,...). In Many Linux-Distributions there is a folder called ~/Templates - ...
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How to change attributes of ALL master slides in a KEYNOTE theme at once?

Is there a way to change multiple masters at once in Keynote. Examples Change the background color for ALL slides from grey to green. Change all fonts from Copperplate to Garamond Insert a company ...
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How can I change a section's title color by editing the template in iBooks Author?

I'm trying to make a book with iBooks Author on my Mac by customizing the "Contemporary" template. When I switch the view mode from landscape to portrait, the section title color is red - I want it ...
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How can I use common information across multiple masters in a keynote presentation?

In short, how do I make a Keynote template/theme with custom data (unique to that presentation) shown on every slide, and also support masters for a variety of layouts, without the author needing to ...
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How to send predefined/canned SMS/iMessages?

Is there a way to prepare predefined/canned messages in order to quickly send them by SMS/iMessage on the iPhone or iPad? I find myself quite often using the same 4-5 templates: I'm in a meeting, I ...
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