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Questions tagged [television]

A television, commonly referred to as TV, telly or the tube, is a telecommunication medium used for transmitting sound with moving images in monochrome (black-and-white), or in colour, and in two or three dimensions.

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2018 Mac Mini no longer sending video or audio to TV via HDMI

I have a 2018 Mac Mini connected to a TCL Roku TV (43S403). There used to be no issue using the TV as a monitor, but recently, whenever I go to the input for my Mac it says "No signal (is it on?)". I'...
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Why does iTunes repeatedly start playing

Whenever I plug my 13" MacBook Pro into my TV (via DVI) iTunes spontaneously starts playing. If I quit it, it reopens and starts playing again. I ended up having to rename to get it to ...
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Controlling a Sony Bravia TV and sound bar with an Apple TV

hopefully, this is the right forum, for this question because I have no idea who else to ask. I want my apple TV to control my TV and soundbar. This includes sleep/wake functionality as well as ...
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Getting sound to split between computer and external monitor (TV hooked up with HDMI to thunderbolt) from iMac but NOT simulatneously

I connected my TV to the iMac last night. When I drag a program up to the TV the sound switches from my computer speakers to my TV speakers; I thought this was a great feature. However, when I wake up ...
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Is there a magical solution/cable/box to simply mirror and stream everything that happens on my TV screen to my iPad mounted on my bed?

The title says it all. My problem is: I can't watch the TV from my bed, but I have my iPad mounted on my bed, right above my face. It is very convenient and comfortable. Now it would be AWESOME if I ...
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Is it possible to tether internet on the iPhone to an Ethernet attached device?

I have a hotspot connection on my iPhone 7 Plus phone that is extremely slow. The Internet on my phone is extremely fast. When I connect a device the connection is very slow. The device is a smart TV. ...
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Apple TV triggers TV every 5 minutes

I have set my TV to turn on and/or switch to Apple TV when the ATV wakes up from sleep. Until tvOS 10 it worked as expected but since I upgraded to 11 the other day, the TV switches to the ATV input ...
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How can I stream tv shows on my iPhone 5s (without downloading)?

I've looked everywhere for an answer to my question but I can't seem to find one: I'm trying to watch a tv show on my iPhone 5s that I bought on my account via the computer. However, the only way it ...
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No sound output from Macbook to TV via HDMI?

I’ve got an LG OLED TV with HDMI support. I have a 2018 Macbook with USB-C ports running Catalina 10.15.4. I bought a USB-C to HDMI 2.0 cable and hooked up my Macbook to my TV. The pictures come out ...
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Calibrate TV display against MacMini

I have a MacMini with a VGA monitor plugged in to the display-port with an adapter. I've just added a 32" HD Ready (720p) TV as the 2nd monitor via the HDMI output of the MacMini with no adapter, and ...
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Mac Mini needs HDMI unplug-replug after it's been asleep

I have a Mac Mini hooked up to my TV in my living room, connected via my audio received, and via HDMI. If I leave the Mac until it goes to sleep, the TV screen goes blue (as expected), and the Mini ...
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Philips TV: Connect MacBook shared folder to TV

I have an issue: Connect Macbook and Philips TV. I want to browse Macbook shared folder in Philips TV, but it cannot be done as easily as on Windows (uh) Maximum what I've found after an hour of ...
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