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WARNING: Questions relating to programming generally belong on Stack Overflow. Scripting and automation questions using Swift are on topic here and SO but may be received better here if the overall question is less about the details of the Swift language.

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Apple guidelines for back button

Are there any guidelines for the position of the back button? I always see the back button at the top-left part of the screen, but I don't know the exact position I should place it.
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How do you install playground books on iPad?

I found a playground book from Apple online called "Talking To The Live View". It's an updated playground from the 2016 WWDC. I want to install it on my iPad and try it out. Further, I want to ...
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How to have both Swift 2 and Swift 3 books in iBooks library

I'm a professional software developer who is still supporting clients using Swift 2. However, I'd like to be getting up to speed on Swift 3 since clearly it is the wave of the future. My copy of ...
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ERROR ITMS-90158: URL schemes need to begin with an alphabetic character - Google client ID

When trying to Upload to App Store... received the following error: ERROR ITMS-90158: "The following URL schemes found in your app are not in the correct format: ... URL schemes need to begin with an ...
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Get Swift Playgrounds back? iOS 10 GM Warning

I just updated to the final release of iOS 10.0.1 on iPad Pro 12.9 inch Swift Playgrounds is gone, and it's not in the App Store. I've lost all my Playgrounds, I presume. No great loss. But how do ...
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iOS background image height width in Xcode for 1x, 2x, 3x [closed]

I am trying to add a background image to iOS app. I am not sure about the dimensions of the image for the 1x, 2x, 3x. I want the background image working for all screen sizes.
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Monitoring directory in finderSync extension failed to work [closed]

I have developed a Cocoa application with a FinderSync extension through which a newly created directory is monitored. Sometimes it works fine but sometimes when I activate the Drive and Dropbox ...
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Install unsupported iOS version

I am developing iOS apps with Swift, and don't want to buy an Apple device to test them, and have just got an iPod 4gen which supports iOS up to 6.1. I just wanna know if there is absolutely no ...
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Can't use my 9.0.1 iPhone with Xcode

My Macbook and my iPhone are updated to the OS X 10.11 Capitan and iOS 9.0.1, but when I try to use my iPhone as a running device with Xcode, it tells me I can't use it because of the version of them. ...
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Reopen Swift 2.0 migration tool in Xcode 7

I just opened a Swift project on the new Xcode 7. I didn't really look on what button I clicked and closed the migration tools without migrating anything. Any idea how I could reopen it?
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Is Xcode with Swift on Mavericks possible?

My school computers have OS X 10.9.4 on them but they don't want to update them because of incompatibility with their Music class software. From what I see on Apple's website Xcode 6.4 and 6.3.1 both ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Is it possible to select which version of Swift to use in Xcode?

There's an update for Xcode 6.3 and it includes a new version of Swift (1.2). If I update, do I have to migrate all my Swift code to 1.2 or can I select an older version of Swift?
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XCode debug error Thread 1

Ok so I'm trying to work with swift on XCode but every time I start to run my code I get this Thread 1 Queue: What does this mean?, and how do I fix it? Also i've ...
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3 votes
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How to disable indexing for a big Swift project?

I have a big Swift project. It's about 40 ViewControllers, 2 storyboards and some frameworks. When I make some changes XCode begins indexing all the project and it takes a very long time! How can I ...
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Swift is not available for OS X Application?

I just had a clean install of Yosemite Version 10.10 (14A389), and my Xcode is Version 6.0.1 (6A317). When I create a new iOS project, I can choose languages from Swift and Objective-C. However, when ...
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How can I download Swift?

I've been trying to get my hands on Swift, but I can't seem to find it. Is it released yet? If not, when will it be released?
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2 answers

Swift on Xcode 6

I'm trying to use Swift on Xcode 6 for an OS X application, but it defaults the language to Objective-C and won't let me switch it to Swift. I can use Swift for iOS but not OS X. I have the latest ...
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How should I organise my plist? [closed]

I'm creating a game where the player can unlock worlds, where they can unlock levels within those worlds, each levels has a highscore, and so on. I was wondering in which way should I store this data?...
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Programming Swift without OS X [duplicate]

A friend of mine suggested that I learn Swift, as it would help me get a job that I had applied for, and I thought this was a good idea. The only problem: I don't own a Mac computer, or anything with ...
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5 votes
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How to install Xcode 6? [duplicate]

I just got myself a MBA and I am wondering how do I install Xcode 6 on my MBA? In the Mac App Store I can see Xcode 5.1.1 so I have started installing that on the MBA. But, I want to install Xcode 6 ...
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What does Swift mean for people learning iOS development for the first time [closed]

I quit my job to pursue programming full time and I was planning to take an ios app development course at a college near me that teaches iphone & ipad dev using Objective C. Now that Swift has ...
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15 votes
7 answers

Where can I download Xcode (n) Beta?

I want to start developing in Swift. I already own an apple developer account, yet am struggling to download Xcode (n) beta. How can I do this? Thank you in advance.
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