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Socket Secure (SOCKS for short) is an Internet protocol that routes network packets between a client and server through a Proxy server.

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Using SOCKS and system Firewall blocks IMAP/SMTP

When I use the internal service of my university, I need to be inside the university network. So I have been using the SOCKS proxy and an SSH login server of my university for many years when I am out ...
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Is there an app for Mac thats lets me route all system traffic through a SOCKS5 server?

I'm already using the socks proxy option in the network settings. The problem is, not all applications appear to be passing their traffic through the proxy. Is there a simple SOCKS client for Mac ...
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SSH and Screen Sharing Work on Remote OSX on Home Network but not SOCKS

I asked a similar question on superuser, but haven't gotten any responses. I'd like to be able to surf the web with my home IP address while abroad. I figured this would be easy to accomplish by ...
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OS X Safari: Toggle Socks Proxy from command line

I need to toggle back and forth between engaging and disengaging a socks proxy within Safari: Next open safari and click on "safari" in the top left menu bar to open the drop down menu and then ...
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How to use different SOCKS proxy for different CLI apps?

based on some politics I cannot use proxychains* utilites ( no preload accepted ). As I understood is no chance to achieve it using sandboxes and no netspaces yet in OSX. I can play with the firewall ...
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Configure Socks Proxy iPhone

I am currently in China and I would like to bypass the censorship. (Mostly for Google and Netflix) I have a linux host in France that I could use for the SSH tunnel (let's call it [email protected]) In ...
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Terminal. SSH with Proxy Socks 4

Gday all, So i'm trying to use the terminal to SSH into a server using a SOCKS4 proxy. In putty on windows you can tell it the IP and Port of the server. and then set the proxy in the proxy tab (IP ...
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OS X - List all active sockets

I'm looking for a simple command that will list ALL currently active and/or otherwise bound TCP & UDP sockets, corresponding port numbers and their respective states (i.e. ESTABLISHED, LISTEN, ...
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How to connect to tethering socks proxy?

I've got socks proxy server running on iPhone, it is possible via Tethering app from Emu4iOS. iPhone connected to wifi hotspot and, as I can see in tethering app, connection is active. How can I ...
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System-wide SOCKS Proxy Settings?

If I have a SOCKS proxy running on a specific port, is there a way to configure all network traffic to leave through it? If I configure the SOCKS proxy in the Network system preference, it seems to ...
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How to socksify apps in mac os

Is there an analog on mac os for ? So that i can use it like on linux: socksify mongo ....
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Why browsers ignores /etc/hosts behind a SOCKS proxy?

My MacBook in office does not have internet access. So I set up an instant SOCKS Proxy over SSH to surf the web. However, when I try to add an entry to /etc/hosts, the browser does not go to the site ...
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Does a free alternative to Proxifier or ProxyCap exist?

Currently, I'm not at home so I must use the hotel's hotspot. Unfortunately, the majority of ports are closed, except 80, 443 and 22, and I would like to connect to my FTP, or connect Steam to play my ...
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Does anyone know a Socks5 server I can run in OsX which allows chaining to an HTTP proxy?

Does anyone know of an OSX (Lion) Socks5 proxy that allows chaining to an HTTP(s) proxy with authentication? I've been searching the web, but can't seem to find anything.
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How do I make Safari, Chrome, Mail, and other applications all use different SOCKS proxies

How do I make different applications like Safari, Chrome, and Mail all use different SOCKS proxies. FireFox has it's own proxy settings, but Safari, Chrome, and presumably Mail all use the system ...
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