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Questions tagged [smart-keyboard]

The Smart Keyboard is an accessory made by Apple for the 2016 and 2018 iPad Pro. It is not sold with the iPad and it connects using a smart connector.

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Smart Keyboard Folio on iPad Air 6th Gen.?

I have an iPad Air 4th generation, and was considering upgrading to the new 6th generation that was just announced. However, I noticed that Apple is no longer selling the Smart Folio Keyboard for ...
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How can I assign a shortcut in Karabiner-Elements to open VS Code?

I am new to Karabiner-Elements and I am trying to find a way to assign a shortcut to open VS Code. I would like to press Left Command and Right Command at the same time then leave it then press V to ...
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Convert date to Unicode variant and emoji for iPhone

To cope with truncated WhatsApp when replying to chats, Late replying to chats that mention like yesterday or tomorrow. misleading when not replying on same day. I rather use date and time but run ...
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Accidental Presses With Smart Keyboard Folio

I plan to buy the iPad Air with the Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil soon. I noticed that if you're using the iPad flat on a surface, the keyboard is essentially face-down into that surface. Can ...
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Is it possible to remap the enter key on a iPad Smart Keyboard?

I have an iPad Pro 12.9“, third generation, with an Apple Smart Keyboard. I‘d like to remap the keys so that the enter key and right shift key are switched, i.e. to enter a new line, I hit right shift ...
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Make the Touch Bar less fancy

I got a mbp with Touch Bar and now I'm sure I don't like it. What can I do to make it look and behave less like a Touch Bar? Is it possible to make it hold just two sets of buttons, the function keys ...
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Does the iPad Smart Connector have charging functionality?

In the comments under an answer on another question, a user commented that the Smart Connector on an iPad (7th generation) is "not a charging system" and that "the [Apple Smart] ...
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Smart Keyboard for 10.5" iPad Pro broken

I purchased a Smart Keyboard for my 10.5" iPad Pro in March 2018. Around December 2018/January 2019, it started failing: after putting it into the typing position, the software keyboard would stay on ...
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media keys don't work on Music app - OSX Catalina

Ever since I upgraded my mac to OSX Catalina (10.15.3) the Music app ( stopped responding to the media keys (ie pause/play/fast forward etc). I searched online but couldn't find anything that ...
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How do I create Keyboard shortcuts for operations in a website on OS X?

I need someone to help me out in assigning Keyboard shortcuts for a few operations/tabs on a website in Mac. I'm working on a website that plays the audio files. So, I want to create a Keyboard ...
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Smart Keyboard draining 2016 iPad Pro battery

My Smart Keyboard Is draining my 2016 iPad Pro battery. Apple Support cannot help. Just opened a case number for me without solving my issue. Smart Connector is clean (without any debris or cracks ...
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Is it possible to enable key repeat for letter keys on the Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro?

The key repeat options in iOS Keyboard settings seem to work for the navigation keys (arrows, backspace, etc) but not for the letter keys. When I hold down a letter key, it does not repeat. Is it ...
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How do I access special characters on Apple's Smart Keyboard?

I bought the new iPad Pro 10.5" and with it the Apple Smart Keyboard with the US Layout. Now I am constantly switching between writing in german, english and some french. Therefore I would like to ...
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How to type `control + [` on a German iPad Smart Keyboard

How do you type control + [ on the German Smart Keyboard for iPad. I am missing the "Esc" on the iPad keyboard a lot in order to discard text fields. I read that control + [ might work as a ...
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