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Did Apple make magnetic Smart Cover accessories for the iPad Air 1?

My first iPad (which I don't have anymore) had an Apple brand Smart Cover which held onto the iPad with magnets. It was very convenient as you could easily remove and reattach the Smart Cover in a few ...
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Closing iPhone SE cover does not lock the phone

I have an iPhone SE with a Decoded Case. With my Samsung I was used to just close the case and it would automatically lock the screen. How do I turn on this feature on my iPhone?
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My iPad Mini isn't responding to the magnets in the cover; any fix?

Recently, my iPad Mini has stopped responding to the sleep/wake magnets in my cover. Is there any fix for this other than taking it in for a hardware fix?
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Is there a high quality webcam-cover solution for a MacBook Air? [closed]

Questions as to the nature of my paranoia aside, right now I have a piece of sticky note covering my webcam on my MacBook Air, which, as you can imagine, doesn't really complement the look and feel. ...
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Is there a case or cover that allows the iPad to stand up in portrait orientation?

Is there a cover that is designed for standing up the iPad 3 in portrait as well as in landscape orientation? I'm not talking about the Apple official Smart Cover. Something, possibly, in leather.
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How do iPads detect when a cover closes?

Some iPad cases (particularly those that look like book covers) provide a feature that when the cover closes the iPad enters suspended mode and when the cover opens the iPad wakes up. The one provided ...
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Smart Cover on/off no longer functioning

After only 4 months of use my Smart Cover no longer turns my iPad off/on. Apple in Brasil says they are not the manufactures, so I would need to look for XDA. How can I fix or exchange it?
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Smart Cover and Sim-tray

I would like to know weather the smart cover on a 3G iPad covers the sim-tray completely partially or not at all. A photo would also be really helpful
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Moving from original iPad to new iPad (2012): Is a cover like Apple's black one available for the new iPad?

I'm upgrading from the original iPad (2010) to the new iPad (2012). I skipped the iPad 2 and the Smart Cover, so I don't have any compatible cover accessory for the new iPad. I did try someone else'...
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Will an original Smart Cover work on an iPad 3?

I bought an iPad 2 and Apple smart cover last year, before they updated them and got rid of the orange color. Now I'm thinking of upgrading to the new iPad, will my Smart cover work on the new iPad or ...
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Is there a way to effectively clean a Smart Cover without causing damage?

On my iPad smart cover (It's one of the polyurethane ones) there seem to be some spots of what looks like grease, it could be some sort of food grease or skin oil. What would be the best way to clean ...
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