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Bluetooth peripherals disconnect when on Microsoft Teams or Slack and using a Bluetooth Headset

I have noticed that whenever I join a Microsoft Teams call or a Slack huddle my bluetooth peripherals randomly lose connection. I have a bluetooth headset connected (usually either Samsung WH noise ...
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EOS Webcam Utility not working with Slack

I have installed the EOS Webcam Utility from the Canon website. After plugging in my camera (Canon M50 Mark II), it works great with OBS software, Google Hangouts and Skype, but not with Slack. Slack ...
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Integrate Grammarly with Slack

I used to have Grammarly and Slack integrated. Every time I wrote a message in Slack, I had Grammarly suggestions, but when I replaced my computer, I couldn’t make that work again. I am unsure which ...
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Slack not recognising Screen Recording permissions

I have two users who are reporting that the Slack app continues to send them to the System Preferences→Security & Privacy→Privacy->Screen Recording list when they try and screen share. They ...
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Is there any way to add Slack to the Share menu on a Mac?

Pretty simple, I'd like to right click on a file, select Share > and have Slack be one of the sharing options. When I go into More... Slack is not an option. I want to share a file over Slack with ...
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How do I add Slack to the menu bar in Mac?

Slack shows the latest number of messages in the Dock but I like to hide the Dock by default, so I don't see them. Is there a way to put the Slack icon (with the number of messages) into the menu bar ...
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How to fix Slack not loading new messages in Safari after upgrading Mac to Monterey?

I use Slack in Safari browser to save memory usage and indirectly reduce battery usage from Slack. Slack in Safari browser used to display notifications and load new messages automatically till macOS ...
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How to make the slack app appear in iOS search?

How do I make the slack app appear when I search for it in my iPhone? As you can see in the screenshots, the Gmail and Spotify apps have no such problem -- how do I make slack behave the same? /YGA
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Slack sidebar automatically collapses: how to keep it permanently open?

Apparently I hit some shortcut combination that caused Slack to automatically collapse the sidebar that contains the list of Channels and Direct Messages. There is an option to temporarily show the ...
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Slack prevents Mac from sleeping

Slack is preventing my Mac from sleeping. I can see this information in the Activity Monitor. How can I disable it? I want my mac to sleep even when Slack is open.
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Not seeing slack notifications when app is in the background and the chat with sender is open

In short: When a direct chat with someone is open, in the background, I don't see new messages notifications from that someone. Longer version using a scenario: I usually work in maximize mode, ...
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Keyboard shortcut for bullet points in Slack when the special code block handling option is enabled

I send code snippets many times a day over Slack so the following Enter options under Preferences | Advanced | Input Options have been quite helpful: A downside I have noticed is that Shift-Command-...
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Customize Slack Notifications banner/alerts? [duplicate]

Is it possible to customize Slack new message notification banners so Reply button is displayed automatically (without having to click 'Options' > 'Reply'). I have searched already within System ...
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How to wait until internet connection, before launching "login item"

My Slack and a few other apps will automatically launch at login on my Macbook, since they are listed under "login items". However, some, like Slack, will launch before the internet is connected, and ...
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How to post Apple Watch activity of a group to slack?

Lots of people in my office are using Apple Watch. I think it would be nice if when someone finished a workout or completing activity ring, the info is posted on slack. Is there anything I could use ...
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Flash screen for Slack alerts

I have enable the option to "Flash screen when an alert sound occurs" under Accessibility setting in System Preferences. It works successfully with many apps such as Microsoft Outlook but not with ...
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Missed keyboard inputs in Slack and Bear but not in other apps

My late-2013 13" MacBook Pro recently started missing some keyboard inputs in some applications, particularly Slack and Bear, and especially (but not only) when I'm in a Google Hangout video call. ...
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Installed application does not show in Applications folder

I have installed Slack App on my Mac OS and it works all fine. However, I do not see that application in Applications folder. I am very new to Mac and may be I am missing something but to my ...
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I've somehow enabled overtype mode in Slack and I can't get back to insert mode

No, dear readers, as the Internet might have you believe, none of these things work on a 2017 Macbook Pro, the kind with the touchbar: Fn+Enter Fn+M Fn+. Fn+Option+Enter Somehow, someway, when I was ...
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iPhone's Do not disturb, exception for Slack notifications and except for some calls

I want to silence my iPhone during certain hours of the day manually … but with two exceptions: Some of my contacts are important and I want to receive calls from them (I know how to do it). I have a ...
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Text substitution does not work with Slack on Yosemite

I have a text substitution setup within the System Preferences. This works most places within OS X as far as I can tell, but it does not work in Slack. (Their native app for OS X version 1.1.4 - 2814) ...
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Display Slack notifications on both screens

I'm using my Macbook while it's connected to a larger display. I'm mostly working off the larger display. Is there a way for notifications to be displayed on both screens simultaneously? I'm ...
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