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SIMple Bundle Loader, an application enhancement loader for OS X. It allows the user to add and modify the functionality of Cocoa applications

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SIMBL Agent crashing frequently

I just replaced a MacBook Pro running High Sierra with a new MacBook Pro M1 running Big Sur, and migrated my applications and accounts using Migration Assistant. I noticed this evening that ...
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Using SIMBL to install Afloat

I have the plugin for Afloat, I just don't know how to start it up. I've disabled SIP. I can't find the app in Applications and the window options haven't changed at all. Am I supposed to run the app ...
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How to uninstall mySIMBLHelper service installed by SIMBL for MAC

I wanted to install Atop which required SIMBL to be installed. Nothing at the process stated that SIMBL 0.7.5 wasn't compatible with Mojave 10.14. It started to pop confirmation if I want it to ...
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How to enable "Preview" in open/save dialogs (viewed as List)?

I hate open/save dialogs. They suck. Specifically, I want the same functionality as... here.. I don't want to use "Browser View", I don't want to use Quicklook. I don't mind a nasty hack. Any ...
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Is it safe to uninstall SIMBL agent on Yosemite?

I'm running the most resent version of Yosemite and have noticed something called SIMBL Agent in the login items setting. I've tried to remove it but when I do it my computer locks up and I can't get ...
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Uninstall non-loaded extension from Safari

When opening Safari I get this error: Now I want to uninstall this extension, however it doesn't show up in the Extensions preferences: How do I uninstall this?
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Folder tree in Finder sidebar (or stuck to Finder)

Is there a Finder plugin (maybe SIMBL plugin) which allows one to see the directory structure in the Finder's sidebar (instead of Favorites, Shared, Devices) or in an attached window? Something like ...
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