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How to prevent SIM (not eSIM) from getting signal? [duplicate]

I want my SIM to utilize Wifi calling using the internet eSIM provides. I tried changing "network selection" from auto to specific options. It works only sometimes to get no signal
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Will iPhone modem and cellular radio turn off if WiFi connected

Imagine an iPhone on a high speed train: the radio will burn extra power to find good signal, while transiting through poor service areas. If I connect the iPhone to the train’s WiFi, does the iPhone ...
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Field test on iPhone 7. Can't locate "rsrp0"

I have an unlocked iPhone 7 on T-Mobile, model A1660 on IOS 14.0.1. I'm trying to find the cell signal strength by running the field test as described here. From my reading, rsrp0 is the best option ...
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notification when in range of cellular signal, or graph or monitor cellular signal strength over time

Dream is to have iPhone notify me when I am back in cellular signal range. Standard iOS notification would be great. Sending a text or email would also be fine. However, any kind of monitoring and/or ...
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My robust broadcom wifi card interferes with my graphic card

I have a robust AC1900 Dual band WiFi Card. Its signal is very strong and this causes interference with my AMD RX-650 card, although I had put the cards in as far slots as possible on mainboard. When ...
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iPhone keeps losing signal right after picking up a call

We have an old iPhone 5 at work that is used as a general incoming-calls phone. It’s used for very little other than just making and receiving calls. In general, its reception has always been good ...
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iOS 11 Field Test Mode permanent signal reading

Today, Apple released their first iOS 11 public beta. As some noticed in earlier versions (first developer beta), using Field Test Mode to permanently switch your signal rating from bars to numbers (...
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Is it the Mac or the Headphones that Have the Weak Signal?

Recently bought just released Bang-Olufsen H8 headphones (wireless, BT 4.0, atpX A2DP). These paired perfectly with iPhone 5 and my MacBook Pro 15" early 2011, however, sound drops out on the MBP with ...
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How do I make my BeaconOSX iBeacon signal detection more accurate?

Here's my setup: iMac with BeaconOSX iPhone with Proximitask I am successfully broadcasting a signal and am getting notifications as I come and go to my office. However, the reminders are getting ...
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View cellular signal of iPhone on Mac

when I'm using tethering with my iPhone, is there any way to see the cellular signal strength on my mac? Any free solutions are still welcome.
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Wireless Keyboard Connection

I have the wireless bluetooth connecting keyboard for the iMac and it continues to disconnect even when the batteries are brand new. Is there anyway to enhance the bluetooth connection so that it will ...
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Low/bad signal on iPhone 4 after upgrading to IOS 6

I recently upgraded my iPhone 4 to IOS 6 (from 5.1.1 it had before), and since then I'm having lots of signal troubles: the signal is always low and unreliable, and the iPhone continuously switches ...
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Iphone 3G shows 'no service' eversince I came back from Malaysia

I'm using Iphone 3g for a year exactly and have no problems at all until recently I went to Malaysia. it says 'no service' where the carrier name supposed to be. so I assume its because since I'm out ...
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Is the Verizon iPhone 4 susceptible to the 'grip of death'?

Of course, it's possible to get any phone to lose a bit of signal if you cover the antenna with your hands, but I'm wondering if the Verizon iPhone 4 also suffers from the attenuation issues that the ...
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Is anyone else having signal strength problems on an iPhone 3GS since the iOS 4.1 upgrade?

Since upgrading my iPhone 3GS to iOS 4.1, I've periodically seen 1 bar or "Searching..." at home and work where I used to have 4 or 5 bars. And I've sent text messages with 4 bars, only to have it ...
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