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RSS (RDF Site Summary), a type of web feed format used to distribute frequently published works, such as a blog

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Is there a Mac RSS reader which shows unreads in the dock menu

I've been a user of NetNewsWire as my RSS reader for god knows how long... it must be over ten years. Alas when it changed hands the new developer removed my favourite feature - showing the unread ...
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How do I find a RSS URL for a podcast in the Apple Podcasts directory?

I have both a Mac (macOS Catalina) and an iPhone (iOS 13.5.1). When I find a podcast in the Apple Podcasts directory I'd like to be able to subscribe to that podcast in any RSS reader, which requires ...
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Filtered RSS Feed via Push Notifications on iPhone

It's a bit tricky but I'm looking for an app that filters RSS Feeds by keywords and redirects links to Safari. My filtered feeds should be notified in a menu like this and, when tapped, should be ...
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Import RSS into iCal

I have an online calendar in an RSS-format. Is is possible to import it into iCal and will it be kept synced automatically? An example of such a calendar is: RSS-Calendar
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Vienna: Command-W does not normally work

Hi I use Vienna as my RSS reader. I noticed that closing it without quitting it (that is, using Command-W rather than Command-Q), does not work most of the times. If I quit Vienna and reopen it, ...
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