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Questions tagged [recovery-hd]

a feature of OS X Lion (10.7) that allows the user boot into a partition that includes tools to repair, reinstall, or restore a Lion install

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How to make a bootable (encrypted) copy in an external drive from a FileVault 2 encrypted boot partition

I configured my MacbookPro (Retina) as follows: /dev/disk0 (GUID partition scheme) EFI 200 MiB Apple CoreStorage 128 GiB <- FileVault 2 encrypted Apple Boot 650 MiB <- ...
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Does Restoring a Time Machine Backup Repair the OS?

Ok I understand I can reinstall Mac OS from the Command + R Menu and the OS is reinstalled without touching (we hope) my files unless I erase the disk first. However, what if I just choose to restore ...
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Is there another way to reinstall OS X when recovery fails?

I have an early 2011 MacBook Pro running 10.7.5 and was trying to update to El Capitan at the advice of Apple Care rep to fix issues I was having. In midst of install the system totally froze and ...
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Recover Apple CoreStorage Volume, LVG, Logical Volume Group -container / partition / volume

I wasn’t able to mount the disk on my MacBook (I had removed both hard drives from iMac, since it’s logic board went bad and I thought not to put more money on Apple products due to such bad hardware ...
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Is it possible to use USB Modem in Recovery HD?

A quick question here, but is it possible to connect to the internet using a USB Modem in Recovery HD? Or is the only way to connect through WiFi or Ethernet. I haven't seen any clear/obvious ways of ...
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How to run Continuity Activation Tool from Recovery HD's command line?

I use Continuity Activation Tool to enable Continuity on my early-2011 13" MBP with an upgraded AirPort card. However, El Capitan's Rootless feature has forced me to use a modded version of CAT that ...
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Mavericks - Restore Damaged Recovery HD Partition without Reinstalling OS X

Recently, I tried to boot into the Recovery HD partition in order to perform some basic verify/repair operations using Disk Utility, only to find that my Recovery HD partition will not boot. Instead, ...
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Cursor won't populate in input field when trying to unlock mac HD

I'm updating my mother's macbook because she was on el capitan. I initially tried directly updating to Catalina to no avail. Then I updated to mojave to try to update to catalina. That worked and when ...
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Deleted all Mac OS X internal hard drive partitions

I booted to a live Ubuntu USB, wanting to delete partitions on an SD card, and ended up deleting all my partitions on my MacBook Pro's internal hd. I have already tried gpart (which gets stuck at "...
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