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Questions tagged [recovery-hd]

a feature of OS X Lion (10.7) that allows the user boot into a partition that includes tools to repair, reinstall, or restore a Lion install

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iMac doesn‘t start up

My iMac doesn’t start up. The loading bar doesn’t fill up and then, after 10 minutes or so, it shuts down. I tried to get in the recovery mode, but there is the Macintosh HD drive grey and it says „...
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How to restore a missing Recovery HD partition

I bought a second hand Macbook Pro which came with OSX Lion installed, when I wanted to clean it I found out that it had no Recovery HD partition. I confirmed this through the Disk Utility (enabled ...
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Reclaim hard drive space from deleted partition and reclaim Apple bootloader

I had my system dual-booted with Ubuntu 14.04. However, I found myself not using it enough to warrant the storage space. I deleted the ubuntu partition and the ubuntu swap partition. However, am now ...
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How to prevent storing the WiFi password on the recovery partition?

I always wondered how my Mac could connect to the internet when the recovery partition is booted and my main system partition is locked (filevault2). Some googling revealed today (e.g. here, here, ...
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Unable to install OS X, cmd+R opening internet recovery instead of usual recovery

I'm trying to clean install OS X El Capitan on a MacBook Pro (early 2015). After erasing my disk I started the installation of OS X. After accepting the license agreement I was asked to choose a ...
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4 answers

How can I create a new Recovery Partition on EXTERNAL disk?

I want to enable encryption on an external FireWire disk. The disk has been formatted a while ago (2+ years), and when choosing "encrypt volume" from the Finder context menu, Mountain Lion refuses ...
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Disk Utility fails with OSStatus error 22 during cloning/recovery operation

Background: I need to upgrade the drive in my Macbook Pro. Following are some of its specs: MacBook Pro (17-inch, Late 2011) OS: High Sierra, v 10.13.6 HDD: 500 GB SSD, w/ Macintosh HD & ...
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Mounting SMB network share from Mavericks recovery mode

I would like to be able back up my macbook on a weekly basis doing the following: boot into recovery mode mount a windows SMB network share use disk utility to save a disk image to the network share ...
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How can I tell what version of Recovery HD OS is running while I'm booted to the recovery software?

How can I tell the version of OS X (and the build) that runs on Recovery HD while I'm running in that mode? The Apple menu has no "About" menu that shows that information when you're running normally.
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Recovery HD Is not showing up. Is it because of FileVault?

I have a problem. On my mac, when i start and hold the ALT key, or the Command-R Key, then it doesn't boot into Recovery HD or even show it. I need it to repair, mount etc. my disk. I tried disk ...
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How to create a 10.6.8 recovery CD (not clone of the OS or install environment)

Upon Google searching people seem to equate "recovery CD" with full installation. I have seen methods such as using Disk Utility with the Mac HD as the source and a DVD as the destination. This ...
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