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How to change (increase) resolution of QT recording?

I want to know how to increase (or change) the video resolution/quality of a Quicktime video recording on Mac. I have OS Catalina 10.15.7. Is there a way to do this? Can someone pls help? thanks.
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Resize filter for Apple compressor

I use Apple Compressor to generate 60fps movie clips from sequences of PNG images. I use the HEVC coded with transparency. The resolution of the output movie is the same as of the input pictures, so ...
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Unreliable WiFi on MacBook: how can I measure how "unreliable" it is?

My MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018) has WiFi problems. It sometimes takes 30 seconds to connect, and even once connected the WiFi will occasionally lock up and have to reconnect. I've also seen hints that, ...
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Quartz filters in ColorSync Utility: what is "Image Sampling" and Quality?

I have created a couple of quartz filters to reduce the size of PDFs. For this I use Image Compression - which is pretty straight forward (just use JPEG and the a suitable quality level) - but there ...
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Testing an iOS app using Appium without paid Developer account

I am very new to iOS - I am an android person, and I have been given an app to test which is already installed in our iphone. I am using appium as a testing tool. Is it required for me to have a ...
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What audio quality is available on newer iPhones?

I am wondering what maximum sample rate and bit depth is available through the USB connection to both the iPhone 6 and 7 (And any other models would be interesting). I am a registered iOS developer ...
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Is there an easy way to track quality of code in my xcode project for ios?

I really need to confirm with independent tool very bad quality of code in one of ios projects written in swift. Is there any tool for this? how it works?
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ATV3 Youtube Quality

I have a 3rd generation Apple TV that I'm trying to watch some YouTube tutorials on but the streaming quality is really low. How do I select a higher definition? I can't seem to find an option or ...
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How to export Calibre's library for Database Support?

I have used Calibre but I would like get more freedom in exporting it elsewhere for edits. I would like to do quality assurance of my books, papers and literature. Calibre does not communicate with ...
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What is the quality of the music sold in the iTunes store?

What is the quality of the music sold in the iTunes store? Is this quality comparable to that of a lossless file or CD?
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What format/bitrate are iTunes sample files on the iTunes store?

Is there anywhere which officially says what format/bitrate is used for the sample files which you play on the iTunes store? If there's nothing official, can any audiophiles work it out roughly? So, ...
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Is the 120 FPS video recording's quality 720P?

Is the quality the same as taking a normal video at 30 FPS ?
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How do I stop iTunes 11 from randomly match SD and HD episodes of a TV-series?

I'm trying to add my entire TV-series collection to iTunes so I can easily view it on my AppleTV. Everything was great until I tried to add DVD-rips and BD-rips of the same show. Now it just randomly ...
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Will the sound processor in an iPad outperforms MacBook Pro's?

So iPads or any other iPod or iPhones uses audio codec from third-parties, most likely Cirrus Logic in recently products. For example, the iPhone 5 uses Apple-branded Cirrus Logic 338S1077 audio codec ...
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Voice Quality on iPhone 5

My setup is iPhone 4 and Bluetooth in my 2012 SUV. I have a 80 minute highway commute. I have real trouble hearing the other party at highway speeds around 65 Mph or higher. If I drop my speed down ...
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2 answers

Fix bad image quality in dark images in iMovie

I have an iMovie project (stop motion animation). Everything is fine, except for a dark scene. The photos get pixelated and blocked, and really ruined. The original image is very sharp and clear, yet ...
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iTunes: how can display multiple versions of a movie in SD and 1080p/720p HD as one movie?

I want to store the same movie in multiple quality levels. I have 3 files (360p, 720p and 1080p). Obviously having the same movie multiple times in iTunes it not acceptable. I can't fill my library ...
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How does the built-in Audio of the Thunderbolt Display compare to the MacBook Pro Retna?

I'm trying to understand which device has better audio capabilities. I tried to do independent research, but the Apple site only has generic information for the MacBook Pro and the Thunderbolt ...
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How to replace an MP3 or M4A in iTunes with a higher quality file, without having to re-do playlists containing the track?

I have in my iTunes library some songs that, years ago, I ripped from CDs at bit rates of only 128kbps. Storage is cheap now and I'd like to replace those songs with higher-quality versions (e.g. ...
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1080p upload to youtube?

I just captured a video with my new iPad, then used the iPad's built-in tools to upload it to youtube. I selected "high quality" but it appears to be only a 720p video on youtube (caution: kids and ...
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TV tuner streams low quality TV video

I've bought EyeTV Hybrid from Elgato, an USB TV tuner to watch television on mac. I've plugged to the USB stick my tv antenna cable (free air-broadcasted analog television). It works, but the image ...
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How can I fix iPhoto 11 print quality

My wife scrapbooks our photos, and has recently upgraded from her old computer to a brand new MacBook Pro. She is a big fan of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", so has been using iPhoto 6 on MacOS ...
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HFS+ case-sensitive or case-insensitive -- which type to use for the primary drive partition?

What reasons are there for choosing the case-insensitive version of HFS+ when formatting the primary drive partition? Would case-sensitive not always be the best choice?
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How does the quality of the LED-backlit screen of a MacBook or a 27" Cinema Display degrade over time?

The quality of my PowerBook and 20" Cinema Display screens has degraded over time, they became noticeably yellowish and darker due to the wear of the backlight (I assume). Neither of those screens is ...
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