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AppleScript - replace substring in image names right after exporting them with Pixelmator and overwriting old images

After opening and editing images with Pixelmator pro I use this script: tell application "Pixelmator Pro" set exportLocation to choose folder with prompt "Please select where you'd ...
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Run Pixelmator ML Super Resolution on multiple images from terminal?

Have about 1000 images with the size of 480x320px, and they are very poor quality. I tried the Pixelmator ML Super Resolution to increase the quality (1440x960) and it seems to perform well! So I ...
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Question about using an automator to apply pixelmator watermark

I have a 13in Mac Book Pro High Sierra and just purchased 3.7 Pixelmator. I am making an automator to place a watermark in bulk of photos and no matter the size of the watermark text, it comes out ...
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Pixelmator: I cannot open the image from Photos library that is on the external drive

My Photos Library is Inactive when I try to open an image from external drive, as it is on the image below. What should I do to be able work with images from my Photos Library? My photos Library is ...
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Overnight, 3 Apps Stop Working

Woke up this morning, and 3 apps are not working. Pixelmator, FCPX and Motion all are getting the same message, e.g., “Pixelmator” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “Pixelmator” and download it ...
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Pixelmator's Pixel Tool Not Available

This is probably a really stupid question, but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. I want to use the pixel tool in Pixelmator, but I can't find it. Below is a picture of my toolbar. Is there ...
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No Filter in Pixelmator

I have been reading tutorials on Pixelmator where "Filter" is used. On all tutorials I have read there is a "Filter" option in the menu tab, but on mine "Filter" is missing. I tried searching for "...
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