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Apple's photo manager and editor. This tag may refer to the iOS app, present since iOS 1.0; the OS X app, where it is the successor to iPhoto and Aperture and was introduced in 2015; or the watchOS app.

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How to convert a HEIF/HEIC image to JPEG in macOS?

So, here’s the thing. I have a new iPhone and an old Mac. iOS 11 (still in beta as of today) and El Capitan (no more updates for this Mac). I use iCloud photo library in both devices. When I take a ...
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What is "photoanalysisd" and why is it using 77% of my CPU?

We got a new iMac for Christmas and it has seemed really slow for the past couple of days. In desperation I checked out Activity Monitor and it shows photoanalysisd as the guilty process that is ...
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Unnamed faces in my oven

Iphoto is putting a high number of unnamed faces in pictures of food in my oven. It's not happening in other pictures, at least I can't see another pattern. Why is this happening and how can I avoid ...
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Disable iPhoto auto launch when connecting an iPhone or iPad [duplicate]

iPhoto starts launching when iPhone is connected even though it never used to before Yosemite. Steps described in: On connecting device - iTunes or iPhotos must not open does not work in Yosemite. ...
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Open location of a photo in Finder from

In Yosemite, I am trying to upload a photo to website. So I open Photos, select a photo and then try to locate the location of the photo. However I could not find it. Before Photos it was possible in ...
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5 answers

How to export photos from the new Photos app in full quality?

I noticed that the new reduces image size on export. If I drag & drop a photo from the Photos library, the size is reduced by at least 50%. How do I get rid of this behavior and ...
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Prevent Photos app on OSX from launching when plugging in device

The Photos app opens whenever I plug in my phone. How can this be prevented? I have seen many solutions for the old iPhoto app that involve changing the "Connecting camera opens" option, but the ...
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How can I prevent iPhoto from opening everytime I plug my iPad/iPhone?

How can I prevent iPhoto/Photos/Image Capture from launching everytime I plug in my iPad/iPhone?
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2 answers

Fill an area selected using 'Instant Alpha' with a specific color in Photos

In the I am using Markup Toolbar in conjunction with screenshot editor. How can I fill an area I selected using Instant Alpha with a specific color?
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How do I view my iCloud Photo Stream online?

I set up iCloud when I installed iOS 5 on my iPhone and was excited about Photo Stream. I logged into and found there are no photos. What gives? I was hoping that this would end the need to ...
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How to delete all photos from the iOS 7 camera roll WITHOUT importing them?

I have 4000 photos in the camera roll I don't want import them into my MacBook's iPhoto or nowhere, so simple want delete them directly in the iPhone (iOS 7). selecting them one-by-one (you sure agree)...
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Is it true that Apple won't allow users to download full resolution photos from iCloud Photo to Windows computers?

I have a subscription to the 50GB iCloud Photos. It contains 50GB of my photos. I hope to back up these photos to my Windows laptop. I've downloaded iCloud for Windows and synced the photos from ...
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14 answers

Why am I having this problem importing photos from iPhone to iPhoto?

I'm getting the error Error downloading image. iPhoto cannot import your photos because there was a problem downloading an image. when I "Import All..." from my iPhone. Trying to import individual ...
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9 answers

How to add a location to photos in the new photos app?

I have tried anything I could think of and also consulted the "photos" help as well as google but I could not find a way to geotag photos in "photos". Is there a way to do this or is it really only ...
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OS X - How do I remove photos from my iPhone using the Photos app after import?

So I import all photos/videos off of my iPhone to Photos on a daily basis after upgrading from iPhoto and it works well overall, so far. The problem is that, while Photos does give me the option to &...
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How can I remove my old iPhoto library after migrating to Photos?

I upgraded to Yosemite and migrated my iPhoto library to the new Photos app. I'm happy with Photos and don't plan to go back to iPhoto. This Apple support article makes it clear that the photos don't ...
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How can I sync the new "people" (face recognition) metadata across devices in Photos (iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra)?

The new Photos updates for iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra includes a much more powerful and integrated approach to organizing photos by who's in them. It's built around powerful, on-device facial ...
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What is the maximum/optimized size of the OSX library?

I was using aperture with referenced images. The aperture library is about 20gig, the folder containing the referenced images is 200gig. I exported versions of a selection of my pictures (6000) and ...
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Photos stopped uploading to iCloud. What can I do?

After updating to OS X 10.10.3, I opened and imported my iPhoto library. Around ~3,000 photos were uploaded to iCloud, but the upload process stopped before the remaining 7,200 photos were ...
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Mac Photos app stuck on "Restoring from iCloud"

I have about 110,000 photos and videos in my Photos library, synced to my Mac with iCloud with "download originals" turned on. Sync was working fine until a few days ago, about a week after installing ...
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Change album's main picture in Photos

I have an iPhone 6s with iOS 10. In the Photos app, there are Albums and each Album has a cover photo. How can I change the cover photo of an Album?
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4 answers

How do I force iPhoto to download new photos in my Photo Stream?

I'm listing some items for sale online, and have taken a bunch of pictures with my iPhone. About half-way through the process, iPhoto '11 stopped downloading new photos into its local Photo Stream. ...
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17 votes
3 answers

What is the best way to consolidate two iPhoto libraries into one library?

On the family's iMac my wife and daughter have separate user accounts, each with their own iPhoto library. My wife has asked me to consolidate both libraries into a single library for convenience. ...
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3 answers

How to not import duplicates from shared Photos album

When I import photos from a shared library, either from my own Family album or one shared with other iOS users, they are imported as expected. I cannot reimport them again. However, if you share a ...
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6 answers

Can an iOS app that has access to Photos get all my photos?

Can a developer collect my photos that I edited and saved in my iPhone album? One of the function of the an app I am using is to edit photos and save them to my iPhone's album. In this case, can the ...
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Apple Photos Shared Albums on OS X are not updating

I created a new shared album on one computer. I can see that album on my iOS devices, but not on my other computer (all of them are on the same iCloud account). Quitting and restarting Apple Photos ...
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Dimensions as criteria for iPhoto smart album?

In iPhoto '11 (latest version, on Mac OS Lion), can I make a smart album for all photos of a certain size (e.g. 960x640)? Can I make a smart album containing photos of multiple sizes? EDIT I ...
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Downloading all photos from iCloud Photo Library without Photos app

I have an iCloud account with about 800 photos stored in iCloud Photo Library. I’m trying to move them to a Mac and delete them from iCloud in order to clear up space. I tried to connect my Mac to ...
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What does photolibraryd do whenever I log in to my Mac?

Whenever I log into my MacBook Pro the CPU cranks up to 100%+ for a few seconds, my board gets hot, and the fans start going. I open up Activity Monitor to find that the culprit is 'photolibraryd'. ...
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Export frame to Pictures...where?

In Photos app, while playing a movie, if you select the gear in player controller appear a menu list. Selecting "Export frame to Pictures" (or something like that) Photos should save the frame... but ...
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how to delete already imported pictures from iPhone in MacOS X Photos app?

I can't find a way to delete previously imported photos from the iphone in the Photos app (Version 1.0 (209.52.0)). Note that there is a check box to delete picture right after import, but I am ...
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3 answers

How to show the map in Photos?

I just upgraded to OS X Yosemite with the new Photos application. I have seen screenshots online where we can view photos on a map, however I can't get to that map. How can I see all of my photos on ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Where are photos stored in the new Photos app after importing from Aperture?

I have just upgraded OS X and opened the new Photos app to import my Aperture library. Everything went well (Photos work fine) but I am surprised to see that I didn't loose 100Gb free space on my HDD. ...
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14 votes
5 answers

Does migrating to Apple's new Photos app actually double my storage requirements?

I was using Disk Inventory X to visualize my hard drive storage and help me find some extra space. It appears that iPhoto Library takes 52.0 GB and Photos Library takes 49.4 GB. Is this a known ...
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7 answers

Duplicate Photo library for Photos & iPhoto

Just came across this, seems as Photos created a duplicate of the iPhoto database instead of just using that one. Now I'm stuck here with two 50+ GB libraries, eating up space on my HDD. I think ...
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How can I view the original (or "master") version of a photo in Photos without reverting all edits?

Most photo applications provides some way to toggle between the original (unedited) version of a photo and the current (edited) one. In Aperture, "M" toggles between the two, many iOS photo apps ...
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6 answers

Is it possible to wipe an entire iCloud Photo Library?

I've been using the beta iCloud Photo Library for a week and a bunch of photos got duplicated and I'd like to wipe all the photos out and start over. I have backups of all the photos and have turned ...
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How can I force Photo app on the Mac to scan for faces in a given picture?

I have a few pictures where the photo app has detected no faces at all. Is there a way to force the app to rescan those picture for faces?
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How to change the cover photo of an album?

Looking at the album index in the Photo app, it seems that the photo used as the album cover is picked randomly. Is it possible to change the picture that is used as the album cover?
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3 answers

For "Live Text" in macOS Monterey, can you have it scan all of your photos, and use the Live Text OCR'd content to search against in Spotlight Search?

MacOS Monterey includes "Live Text", which is OCR to use when viewing your photos, including handwriting recognition. But I have thousands of photos, many of which are photos of ...
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4 answers

Backup Photos using Google Photo Desktop Uploader

I am a user of Photos for OSX, after upgrading from iPhoto. I am trying to use Google's photo service to backup my library from my Mac Mini. I have installed the Google Desktop Uploader application ...
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iOS Photos removing individual face photo from People folder

How do I remove a photo that has accidentally been put in the wrong people photo album? I have a photo of my dad (who is now deceased) that has appeared in the album for my father-in-law (who is very ...
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Importing photos from Photos app on iPhone to Mac

I'm trying to transfer (make a copy of) all of the photos/videos in my iPhone's Photos app (what I see under the Photos builtin) to my macbook laptop. If I go to Photos then "Import New Photo" or use ...
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Can I speed up iCloud photo sync between iPhone and Macbook?

I have an iPhone 5 running iOS 9.1 and a Macbook Pro running Yosemite. Both devices are set up to sync photos to and from iCloud. When I take a photo on the iPhone (for further processing on the ...
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After migrating to iCloud Photo Library can the iLifeAssetManagement folder be deleted?

Before iCloud Photo Library and in OS X 10.10.3, we had iCloud PhotoStream. iCloud PhotoStream synced its photos to the ~/Library/Application Support/iLifeAssetManagement folder (and ...
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Is there a way to force photoanalysisd to work harder than it does by default?

I migrated my rather large Photos library from El Capitan to High Sierra probably around 2-3 months ago. To this day, the Photos app still reports that it hasn't completed its analysis of all the ...
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If I've migrated from iPhoto to Photos, can I safely delete the migrated photo library?

I used to have iPhoto on my machine and have migrated to Photos. I notice now that I have two photo libraries on my machine that are taking up over 10 GB each. I'd like to reclaim disk space, but I ...
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How to put main library on an external disk?

I am using the new Apple Photos app on Yosemite, but I don't want to use iCloud for my photos, and I don't want to keep all of them on my computer. So I as wondering if it is possible to have my main ...
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Get the GPS coordinates of a photo in Mac

In Mac's, how do I get the GPS coordinates of a photo? If I go to a photo and click on the "Get Info" button, then I can see a map with a pin indicating where the photo was taken, but I can'...
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Is it possible to have 2 different backup systems for different external hard drives?

1) I want to plug in an external hard drive and then download all of the photographs that I take in RAW format on my Canon 7D camera onto this external hard drive, and then backup these photos onto a ...
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