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PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system.

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Can I watch Apple TV on my PC without an Apple device or a credit card (using paypal)?

I do not own any Apple devices, but a friend recently recommended an Apple TV exclusive show to me which I'd like to watch. My goal is to subscribe using paypal since I don't have a credit card, and ...
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Switch Apple subscription payment method

I'd like to switch the payment method of my iCloud+ and Apple Music subscription to Apple Pay. It is currently PayPal. I was under the impression that adding Apple Pay to the top of my list with ...
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Does Apple use your PayPal or gift card first?

I want to purchase something on the app store but I'm not sure if it will charge my gift card or PayPal?
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Separate payment configuration for Apple Music and iCloud Storage

I'm using Apple Music and a 50 GB iCloud storage tier. At the moment I pay for both the services with my PayPal account configured as the payment method for my Apple ID. My Company wants to pay for ...
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App store - buying with paypal through iPhone

Question is simple, how to use paypal as payment method? I don't know is this important, but I am no-U.S. citizen. I suppose this is possible, just look at the link:
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About the appstore [duplicate]

I want to buy some apps in the appstore but I don't want to use a credit card or paypal ; is there a way to purchase apps say with a prepaid Itunes card?
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PayPal emails go to Spam folder on Mail Mac

I use Mac Mail as my email program and I would like to know why PayPal emails go always to the spam folder. I have tried to make rules, mark PayPal email as VIP contact but nothing works. I would ...
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iTunes and iPod Touch "Payment was declined"

I recently bought a new iPod Touch 5 and made 3 purchases. The last app I purchased downloaded successfully onto my iPod but I never got an email receipt from the store. So I checked my purchase ...
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Use proxy in iOS to to use Apps outside the U.S

I live outside the US and would like to use some Apps that only work in US territory. Example: Square (to accept credit card payments), Paypal mobile, Hulu, etc... Is there a way to make iOS ...
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Can I use PayPal for non-US iTunes Store payments?

Can I use PayPal for non-US iTunes Store payments? I've heard US users can do so, but my PayPal and iTunes account are non-US
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