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The Oracle Corporation is an American global computer technology corporation, primarily specialized in developing and marketing database software and technology, computer hardware systems and enterprise software products.

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SQL Developer will not start after Monterey upgrade

SQL Developer will not start after Monterey upgrade There does not appear to be any error message or indication of failure. I edited the product.conf file for SQL developer. I added the following line:...
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Stopping com.mysql.mysqld from launching over and over and over agin

System messages are showing repeated Dec 25 14:42:02 ROLANDs-MacBook-Pro[1] (com.mysql.mysqld): Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds. every one of ...
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“” fails to open after upgrading to Big Sur

I recently upgraded macOS to Big Sur and now I can't open I am getting this message: can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed With ...
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Oracle VM not working after upgrade to Catalina

Prior to installing Catalina, I updated Oracle VM to version 6.1.16. Now after successful OS upgrade my Windows 10 VM is not working.
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How do I kill "SQL Developer" that seem to be in deadlock using ps aux and kill -9?

I have SQL Developer from Oracle installed. It seems to be frozen at the moment and I can't force quit it. I can't open it because of this and hence can't use it too I don't want to shut down my Mac ...
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Developer not identified error when logging in Oracle Instantclient on Catalina

I have the Oracle Instantclient installed (PHP needs it for the oci extension to work), the install directory is /opt/instantclient_19_3 and every time I log in after a reboot I get the following ...
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Cannot install JDK 13.01 on Catalina

I tried to install the x64 version of jdk (from, however, Apple refused to install it saying that the software ...
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Issue setting environment variable that points to smb

Can someone tell me the proper syntax for setting an environment variable that points to a smb volume directory? What I have tried so far: TNS_ADMIN=/Volumes/abc TNS_ADMIN=smb://servername/abc ...
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Mac 10.14.2 Snapshot warning: inode_val, object has invalid bsd flags

During routine maintenance (running DiskUtil), I received the error message below: warning: inode_val: object (oid 0x3024a71c3): invalid bsd_flags (0x10) I did not notice any issues with performance ...
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How can I install java openjdk 8 on High Sierra or newer macOS [duplicate]

How do I install OpenJDK 8 on High Sierra or newer macOS? It looks like support for the Java Oracle JDK version 8 will be deprecated after January 2019 Java SE Overview Additionally, it looks like ...
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System Integrity Protection (SIP) creating problem for oci_connect(): OCIEnvNlsCreate()

After I upgraded my OS to El Capitan (which comes with SIP), I am getting error in oci_connect() Warning: oci_connect(): OCIEnvNlsCreate() failed. There is something wrong with your system - please ...
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What is the content of the $CLASSPATH variable in El Capitan?

I installed OS X El Capitan and, along with it, Oracle's Java 8 SDK. I've already verified that, using java -version, java is correctly installed. I need to add some user classes to the file path, but,...
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Is El Capitan preventing me from getting the Perl module DBD::Oracle working?

Let me start by saying I'm not traditionally a Mac user. I'm still trying to transition from Gentoo, where compiling everything from source was the default state, and the system wasn't actively ...
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How to uninstall Java 1.8 under OS X 10.10 Yosemite?

There are a few answers on old questions about the same issue under Lion / Mountain Lion. Now with Java 1.8 and OS X 10.10 I wonder if anything has changed? Would be great to have exact removal steps. ...
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“Failed to install SGD client” when accessing the secure global desktop from OS X

I am having an issue since I have upgraded to OS X Yosemite. I used to previously remotely access my work's Windows system from my Mac (OS X Mavericks). I had installed XQuartz and Java and was using ...
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Install oracle 12c database in OS X Yosemite without Virtual Machine

Can we install Oracle 12c Database without using any Virtual Machine ? Currently I have installed it in VMWare Fusion but it is consuming a lot of power.
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Java applets in a browser on Mavericks?

Is it possible to run a Java applet in any browser in MacOS 10.9.2? Chrome does not work with Java applets because it's a 32 bit app and the Java plugin is 64 bit only. Firefox and Safari both should ...
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