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How can I, using Finder, enter an "app". Not open, enter [duplicate]

Apps in macOS are not .exe files, they are folders with special rules, but folders. I can, use ⇧⌘G and paste the path towards and past the app. But that is beyond inconvenient. So, scenario: I am in ...
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How to hear just Maps' spoken directions, without triggering music/podcasts?

I have my iPhone 13 Pro connected via Bluetooth to my car stereo. Normally, I listen to podcasts or music while navigating via Maps. The spoken directions momentarily pause the music or podcast. ...
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Open Apple Wallet whilst Maps satnav is running

This tends to occur when trying to buy fuel whilst on a journey. The action I'm trying to use is double-click the home button [yes, I still have one of those, an SE2, my FaceID 13 Max lasted 24 hours ...
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Navigate to next tab in finder window using keyboard

How to navigate to the next already open tab in finder window using keyboard ? mac osx 11.4 On Ubuntu just do control + pageup/pagedown
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Keyboard Shortcut to maximize a window? [duplicate]

On Ubuntu to maximize a window we can select the window key and then the up arrow and the window maximizes. It's also possible to select the window key and side key to pan a window to one side. Are ...
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Adjust “home” address in Apple Maps without affecting Autofill, etc

When I ask Siri to “direct me home,” I really mean that I want her to take me to my parking spot, which is about a block away from what Maps considers to be the location of my building. Due to one-way ...
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Emacs-like navigation to beginning/end of sentence in text

I think it is a really big advantage of macOS over other operating systems that it supports a lot of Emacs navigating keyboard shortcuts out of the box. (^ ControlP, ^ ControlN, ^ ControlK, ^ ControlY,...
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Can I use Siri to remember a parking spot?

Can I use Siri to remember a particular GPS location, then later navigate back to it? It seems like it should be possible but I don't know what the voice directive would be. I occasionally use a car-...
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How do I show Apple Maps turn-by-turn navigation for public transport on my lock screen and Apple Watch?

I use the iOS Apple Maps app frequently for public transport directions. In the past, if I was actively navigating using public transport, Maps would display turn-by-turn directions on the lock screen ...
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macOS: Navigating between desktops using keyboard shortcuts

I've just moved to Mac from Linux. There I used to have a fixed number of desktops running full-screen apps. I've managed to configure it on Mac, but yet can not find the way to assign shortcuts to ...
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Safari extension for Google results navigation (↑/k, ↓/j)

Title says it all. I found some posts linking to some private locations (mostly dead). I wonder if there ain't something like that for Safari. Google Chrome has several of them. E.g. Web Search ...
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Apple Maps Won't Navigate (Sporadic Problem)

Has anyone else ever had this problem? It seems to happen randomly. I do on-site repair work, always going to a different location. So I use my navigation almost daily. I just use regular old Apple ...
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Moving back to the front or end of a long URL entery with out having to use delete?

Is there a way to move to the front or back of a long sentence you type in the URL area on a iPhone with out having to get close as possible and then having to delete then retype?
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Finder Icon to Go to Enclosing Directory

Finder icon to to navigate up one level to enclosing directory would make my life so much easier. Especially when I have to move up several directory levels. I realize there's a keyboard shortcut, ...
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No sound when iOS screen off and using Google Maps navigation?

I'm using latest versions of iOS and Google Maps on an iPhone 7, and when I turn the screen off, I do not hear turn-by-turn directions when using the navigation feature of Google Maps. Yet, according ...
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Does Google Maps iOS have voice navigation

I have been using Google Maps iOS (Australia) and i have never received voice navigation. Is this supported? And if so is it supported in Australia? And if so once again, where should I check to get ...
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Keep Maps/Waze on screen when answering call

I have my iPhone paired with my car's Bluetooth. I typically have my iPhone displaying Waze or Apple Maps in navigation mode. When I answer a call, the Phone app takes over the entire screen and I no ...
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IOS 8.3 and external GPS

We have an ipad air, which my partner uses to navigate whilst sailing with a programme called Navionics. The ipad version is WiFi only, which doesn't have an internal GPS, but that's not a problem ...
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Turn by turn navigation GPX file app

We wanna start doing car rallys and these routes are delivered using a GPX files. What we are looking for is an app that can make a route from our home to the start of the gpx file and then start ...
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Navigate Finder Sidebar using arrow keys Yosemite

Is there a way I can navigate the sidebar items using arrow keys? I am using Yosemite.
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Alfred command: switch finder directory in same window

I am an avid user of the launch application Alfred. I already have key bindings to open specific directories but when initiated, they always open the directory in a new finder window. Im looking for ...
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Navigate to current location of a friend

I must be missing something simple - I've located my son using iOS 8's Find my Friends app, and now I want to use Maps to navigate to that location. How can I do that? I don't see a way to start a ...
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How to remap finder folder navigation shortcuts?

I don't like the default finder navigation shortcuts command-up, command-down because you need to press 2 buttons instead of 1. On windows, delete leads to previous folder ("back") and enter enters ...
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How can I get the Navionics App for iphone to utilise a third party gps

When I am outside of wifi and cell coverage, or even by choice, how can you use a third party GPS?
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Can I keep my iPhone screen off during voice navigation with Apple's Maps app?

I have been using voice navigation in Apple's Maps app for iOS 6. I keep the phone in one of my car's cup holders because I am mostly using it in my home area where the maps on the screen aren't ...
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How to change turn-by-turn navigation voice language in Google Maps for iPhone?

I have my iPhone's language set to English in Settings, but I live in a non-English speaking country. As such, when using turn-by-turn navigation, street names are pronounced as though they were ...
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Navionics mobile app for iPad 3

I am planning to buy the Navionics app for iPad: does it require a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to use the Navionics maps for navigation?
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How to invoke navigation on Google maps using Siri?

At the risk of getting a big NO, Is there a way to use SIRI to invoke navigation on Google maps as opposed to the default Apple maps? I have tried "Navigate to Chicago using Google maps", but Siri ...
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Tab key sometimes fails to autocomplete in Go To Folder… sheets in Mountain Lion

I like keyboard navigation, so I frequently use Shift-Command-G to Go to Folder… when saving files. I type the first few letters of the directory I want then key Tab to complete the rest. This worked ...
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Keyboard-only folder navigation with auto complete

This is one feature of Windows 7 Start menu that I haven't been able to replace in OS X ML. In Windows: Press Windows key Start typing, for example: H:\folder\phot Use arrow keys to highlight the "...
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Does iOS 6 turn-by-turn navigation work with satellite images?

Without modifications, can a user turn on satellite images for iOS 6 turn-by-turn navigation use satellite images rather than just a simple interface and monochrome 3D buildings—although it may be ...
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Word stop when navigating text with option-key

I use option and command to navigate text (which is awesome). I've read somewhere that you can specify the characters that constitute a word stop (underscores for example). However I can't find this ...
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How can I use iPhone GPS and share it with an OS X application to get live position on Mac?

How can I use iPhone GPS and share it with an OS X application to get live position on Mac? Note: I am looking for a way of seeing current location, live, in Google Earth, Google maps or something ...
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