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(Monterey) Could System Integrity Protection be keeping Python3's "MySQL" library from loading?

The "MySQL" client interface library will not load on MacOS Monterey. The relevant traceback lines are as follows: (System is Django, latest versions of everything.) ImportError: dlopen(/...
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How do I install MySQLdb on my MacBook or is there a way I can skip install and use sqlalchemy without it?

I have macOS Sierra and XAMPP installed (with mariadb as database). However, on my local MacBook I am running this Python code to create table: from sqlalchemy import create_engine def create_db(): ...
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pip install mysql-python throws error

I am on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G103). When I try to install mysql-python it throws an error : $ pip install --upgrade setuptools Requirement already up-to-date: setuptools in /usr/local/lib/python2....
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Missing Messages from chat.db

Hi so I can't currently create a minimum reproducible example but I am missing texts that I know I sent and appear in the search on the iMessage app but aren't in chat.db My python code below import ...
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Unable to install python mysqlclient - OSError: mysql_config not found

I installed mysql through XAMPP. When I try pip install mysqlclient I get this error MBP-of-admin:django_project aanto$ pip install mysqlclient Collecting mysqlclient Using cached https://files....
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Lightweight SQL server to serve .sql content

I have a python project that needs to access sql data. I actually have the contents of this database as .sql files and I'm wondering what's the fastest/lightest way to run my project The python ...