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Questions tagged [multi-touch]

Multi-touch refers to a touch-sensitive surface that can recognize two or more points of contact using a pressure sensitive-panel.

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0 answers

Zoom in or out with trackpad stops working

I am using OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 (15G1217) on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015). Sometimes when reading PDF's I notice I suddenly can not use the trackpad zoom feature anymore. It is not ...
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5 votes
2 answers

M1 MacBook Pro jumps text while typing

On the M1 MacBook Pro, when I am typing it will frequently jump to another part of the text area. This is most pronounced when selecting text using the keyboard (shift-left..., shift-option-left...) ...
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0 answers

Right-click context menu not consistently "sticky"

I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on a 2008 MBP. The right-click on my mousepad activates the context menu. A single right-click displays the menu, and it stays visible until I make a selection or ...
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Catalyst apps don't seem to support three-finger swipe gestures

I finally updated to Catalina, and it doesn't seem that any Catalyst apps I've tested support three-finger swipe gestures - they seem to expect them to be done with two fingers regardless of this ...
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Sensitivity of 3D/pressure/force-touch sensor in iPhone 6S in real, physical terms

There are 10 trillion reviews/news-stories about the force/3D touch sensors in the iPhone 6S. But has anyone tested how accurate/responsive it is in terms of exact pressure/force measurements? I have ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Switching Spaces with 3-finger swipe, focus is still on the previous Space

I recently upgraded my 2018 MacBook Pro running Mojave to a 2023 MacBook Pro running Ventura. Since the upgrade, I've noticed some differences in behavior that weren't present before. My primary ...
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0 answers

EL Capitan and 3-finger selection

After updating to el capitan I've noticed one annoying problem. When I select something using 3-fingers gesture I should wait about a second until cmd + c copy operation actually copies something to ...
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0 answers

Any OS X Whiteboard apps/software designed for large screen multi-monitor use?

We're looking at upgrading our static whiteboards to interactive whiteboards/smartboards, and one option is simply to buy 1-3 large multi-touch displays and hook them up to a Mac Pro, and use some ...
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What's the touch resolution (LPI) of the Magic Trackpad?

I'd like to know how the Magic Trackpad compares with Wacom tablets as far as resolution goes. The Wacom Intuos5 line has 5080 LPI, while the Bamboo line has 2540.
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Invert swipe direction in "Swipe between full-screen apps" trackpad gesture

In the Trackpad gestures available here, it shows Swipe between full-screen apps. The description says: "Swipe left or right with four fingers2 to move between desktops and full-screen apps."...
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0 answers

How to set up a shortcut for 2 finger trackpad scrolling?

I would like to set up a keyboard shortcut (say Command + Left Arrow and command + Right Arrow) to do the same thing as 2 finger Left/Right scrolling. Or, map the mousewheel to this input. How to do ...
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0 answers

Prevent that when an app is assigned to All desktops, then while switching spaces it becomes visible during space switch scrolling

When I set an app to be available on all spaces Then while while scrolling to another Space using the 3/4 finger swipe gesture the Apps are visible until I completely switch to the space and than ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Can macOS support greater than 2x Retina (for a small 4K screen)?

I'm interested in a 4K portable monitor which is 14" in size. I believe it is mainly intended for use with iOS/Android, however it does say it supports Mac/Win. The concern I have is that even at ...
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How to use pinch to rotate using keyboard/mouse (without trackpad)?

I'm trying to rotate texts and images in Preview without using the multitouch 'rotate with two fingers'. It works fine with a laptop trackpad but on a desktop with only a keyboard and mouse I can't ...
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0 answers

A software that resets trackpad option automatically

I've been running into this issue where certain trackpad gestures like 'swipe between pages with 2 fingers', 'force touch to show dictionary' or 'zoom in/out by pinching with 2 fingers' stops working ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Mission control always popups incidentally/automatically when typing

Recently on my MacBook Pro 2019, mission control always popups incidentally when I'm typing. At the beginning I thought there's an issue of my trackpad since my wrists almost touch it when I'm ...
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0 answers

How to remove touch gesture from QuickTime recordings on Mac

At one point I was interested in recording touch gestures using an iPhone Simulator + QuickTtime, so I dutifully followed the advice in this answer and ran the following command: defaults write com....
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Trackpad multi touch pinch gesture not working

I just bought a 21.5 inch iMac (latest macOS), I was using a macbook and got used to the trackpad and multitouch gestures, so I bought one (Magic trackpad 2) for desktop stuff as well. Its my third ...
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What did I accidentally enable with a gesture in Photos?

I was scrolling around in Photos on my iPad trying to find an image. I had one of the images open and was navigating the bottom row thumbnails. There was very briefly a message saying something about “...
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MacBook swiping between workstations not working

I have seen people using two, three, or four fingers swipe left and right across to move to different workspaces and apps (i.e. Google, Spotify, or Discord) I can swipe up and down with three fingers ...
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A menu popped up on my Iphone and now I can't use touchscreen

So today in the afternoon my mother pressed on some kind of a button on her iPhone. She has iPhone 13. The menu looks like a hand and when you open it up you have some kind of arrows. Now I tried to ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to add vertical functionality to the 3-finger swipe on macOS?

MBP 15" user - 95% of my input to it is via the trackpad, I LOVE the 3-finger swipe navigation. Saying "Swipe left/right/up/down" implies the end result of the movement, not the actual ...
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Correct way with Macbook Pro trackpad to select from dropdown form?

Having started to use a MacBook Pro with Catalina a lot more than a Mac Mini, I've had trouble trying to negotiate the trackpad after using a mouse for so long. I want to be able to use a dropdown / ...
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Logitech T651 connecting to MBP as an Apple Mouse instead of as a trackpad

I'm trying to connect a Logitech T651 trackpad to a MBP with a built in functioning trackpad (maybe there's some sort of conflict between the two trackpads and this is causing the issue?) I go to the ...
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In Keynote is there a way to lock a presentation in slideshow mode?

In Keynote is there a way to lock a presentation in slideshow mode? I work at a children's museum and want the kids to interact with the iPad and be able to switch between slides, but not be able to ...
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The multi-touch functionality from my Magic Mouse is frustrating with Google Calendar. Can I disable it?

...The tiniest swipe left or right changes the month. It makes using my calendar sooooo frustrating. Can I disable it? I would like to disable side-swiping in general. It mostly causes me frustration. ...
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How to enable trackpad gestures in windows(bootcamp)

I have used Parallels. Windows installed in Parallel VM supports most of the trackpad gestures( including three finger ). How to enable them in Bootcamp version of Mac. Any external software to enable ...
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