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iTunes won't sync MP4s to iPod

I have iTunes 11.0.2. For the first time ever I have downloaded some MP4s from YouTube - the ones that say share with anyone and everyone if you can, so I thought I would. I was able to upload or ...
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Why does this MP4 video not play on iOS?

Open with the document App, only the file name and file type will be displayed, and the general video can be played directly. So, I switched to AVplayer to play this video with only sound but no ...
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Quicktime player : Default window size

I'm using manim (Python) to create animations. When I preview the 4k MP4 files it generates with Quicktime player, the app displays the whole content at its original size. But I would like those MP4 ...
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Video plays in QuickTime but not in Itunes

This video plays just fine in Quicktime but in Itunes the video plays but the screen stays black. The audio however, does play just fine. I think my video has the right codec?
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What tool to edit subtitles embeded in mp4 video?

What tool can I use to edit the subtitles embedded in my MP4 video on osx 12.5 ? I tried Aegisub, it loads my video but not its subtitles. Then I tried Jubbler (7.0.3) which froze at video opening. $ ...
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How to see when audio playing on mp4

I have mp4 files that are lengthy videos. The sound is purposefully only on during important parts. I'm trying to find a way to visually (or automatically?) find the time periods of the video when ...
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ISO/IEC 13818-3 - Does apple iTunes have documentation on standards for audio file's uploaded for streaming and the iTunes store

Documentation related to the ISO/IEC 13818-3 standard. The standard for information technology, generic coding of moving pictures, and associated audio information systems. I would like to know before ...
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No Audio on macOS QuickTime MPEG-4 Video

I am wondering what can be preventing the Quicktime player from playing the audio track alongside a video. The files I have are MPEG-4. When launched on macOS QuickTime, there is no sound. I tested ...
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Convert m4a with cover to mp4

I've a m4a file with cover attached using mp4art; however Youtube doesn't support m4a. Supported formats -
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