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7 votes
2 answers

Convert a bunch of MKV files to MP4 to read them in iTunes

I have a bunch of mkv files that are encoded as MPEG-4 video and AC-3 audio. I usually use Subler to convert the mov into mp4 to read them in iTunes, but the AC-3 audio is unreadable by Subler or ...
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13 votes
5 answers

Best way to merge mp4 files

Got a bunch of .mp4 videos (info shows H.264 Video + AAC Audio) that are chapters of a larger video. I'd like to merge them, but not sure which is the best way. I don't have Quicktime Pro, but I'll ...
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6 answers

how to split an mp4 into separate clips?

I have a 3-hour long .mp4 video that has sensible breaks roughly every 30 minutes or so. I want to export this into multiple videos of each section, but have run into nothing but problems trying to ...
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Convert .mov to .mp4

I want to convert .mov to .mp4! I saved the video from iMovie but it is in .mov format! How do I convert it to .mp4? I'm using a MacBook and I want to share it to my phone, but my phone can't open ....
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Export MOV to MP4 with Quicktime on Yosemite

I have a screen capture of my computer screen using QuickTime's Screen Recording feature, but that saves it to an MOV format. I'd like to export it to MP4. Is that possible without installing anything ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Terminal tool to join mp4 videos

I would like to join mp4 videos like I join pdfs by pdfjoin. Is there any default tool to join videos?
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21 votes
3 answers

How to convert a .mov file to mp4 file? [duplicate]

How do I convert a .mov file to .mp4? There are a lot of converter tools. But I fear there are a lot of virus infected ones. How would you convert a movie .mov file to .mp4?
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7 votes
3 answers

Can you change an MOV to an MP4 without transcoding?

How can change video container from .mov to .mp4 without touching the video itself? Preferably a GUI app. I have a bunch of videos in .mov and since .mp4 is more widespread I want to use that, but I ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Can .mp4 files infect my Mac with malware/adware/spyware?

Coming from Windows background, I'm usually very paranoid about the files I download, but one time I did something stupid - I downloaded some video files that were hosted in (not ...
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What's the maximum necessary size in pixels for a video for iPhone?

I'm exporting MOVs from Flash, then converting them to mp4 with Handbrake. The video will scale to the screen size, but I would prefer it to scale down, rather than scale up. So, what are the ...
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