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Please use the keyboard tag for the traditional magic keyboard that connects via USB and Bluetooth and use this for the iPad specific physical backlit keyboard / trackpad device.

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Remove floating keyboard once and for all

I use a hardware keyboard (the magic keyboard) with my iPad pro. It runs iOS 16.6. Each time I use an app with a text box (such as Slack, but other apps as well), an irritating (and useless) “floating ...
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Can I use 1st gen Magic Keyboard for 4th gen 11-inch iPad Pro?

I wonder if the 1st-gen Magic Keyboard for iPad, which was released in 2020 is compatible with the latest version of iPad Pro. The only source I found is it may be compatible with 3rd-gen iPad Pro, ...
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MacOS - inserting 'windows keyboard' disrupts apple magic keyboard

I have a MacBook Pro with the magic keyboard & mouse. After plugging in one time a 'normal' windows keyboard, and then returning back to apple magic keyboard, some keyboard shortcuts refuse to ...
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Page Up/Down on Apple Magic Keyboard with iPad in Microsoft 365 Word

I cannot for the life of me find the right key combo to perform page up/down with my Apple Magic Keyboard on the iPad in Microsoft 365 (Word). Command up/down work in other apps, but not in Office. ...
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iPad magic keyboard language switch delay

How do I fix the lag when switching a language on an iPad when connected to a magic keyboard (the one that works like a case too). When I switch the language it takes a second or two before I can type ...
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How can I select password using keyboard shortcut on iPad

I suppose the same keyboard shortcut would work on iPhones too. I just want to use a keyboard shortcut to populate the password for a given website. I use BitWarden, but the password button I have to ...
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Is Magic Keyboard for iPad Air 4th Gen compatible with Air 5th Gen

I have an iPad Air 5th Gen, and I found a good deal for an older Magic Keyboard (model A2261) which says it's compatible with Air 4th Gen. Would the same keyboard work with the latest Air model? This ...
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Is there any iPad-compatible keyboard that is arbitrarily remappable?

I'm looking for a keyboard model that would be able to connect to my iPad and be possible to reprogram at the accessory-level to have custom key mappings/layouts. I understand that many mechanical ...
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Alternative keyboard layouts on iPadOS?

Whether with touchscreen keyboard or external Bluetooth keyboard, it is possible to select some alternative keyboard layouts. But is it possible to remap keys arbitrarily so as to support various ...
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Accidental Presses With Smart Keyboard Folio

I plan to buy the iPad Air with the Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil soon. I noticed that if you're using the iPad flat on a surface, the keyboard is essentially face-down into that surface. Can ...
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Can the iPad Magic Keyboard with Trackpad steer the MacOS mouse cursor when iPad is Extended Display for Mac?

I have the iPad Pro (12.9" 3rd Generation) running iPadOS 15, and an Intel Mac Mini running MacOS Monterey 12.3.1 (latest versions per of this writing). The iPad Pro is connected as Extended ...
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How to access special key symbols on Magic Keyboard UK layout used with Windows 10

I am using the Apple Magic Keyboard version for the UK using a Dell laptop running Windows 10. I am having the following struggles, i) I cant seem to access the # (which is part of the key for 3 and ...
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Proper Ukrainian keyboard layout for iPad

I have an iPad Air (4th gen) with Magic Keyboard. However, I’m very displeased but the fact that the “Ukrainian” keyboard layout is non-standard in iOS, with two vowels (и and і) swapped. This is very ...
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Why we can’t to install virtual machine at iPad Pro with M1 chip?

We know the iPad use the same chip of the Mac Pro, but I don’t understand why we can’t to install the virtual machine at the iPad Pro, recently I buy this device but now I’m a little sorry kkkk
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New Magic accessories

Does anyone know if they updated the Bluetooth chipset in the Aug '21 magic accessories update? BT3.0+EDR isn't cutting it. I get choppy, laggy mouse movements on a clean install. It's a bit annoying. ...
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Erratic keyboard function on Dell laptop (Windows 10) -when paired with bluetooth Magic Keyboard

I have a Dell Precision laptop that is running Windows 10 Enterprise. I recently bought a bluetooth Magic Keyboard (Apple) that is giving me intermittent issues when I connect it to my Dell laptop (...
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Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch the cursor between panels of iPad split screen?

Is there a way to switch back and forth between two functionalities open in split screen easily on the iPad?
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How can I fix my iPad Magic Keyboard when everything works except the trackpad?

I’ve got the Magic Keyboard (the one with the hinge that holds the iPad Pro suspended in air above the number keys) and everything works except the trackpad. I can go into the settings app General >...
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