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macOS is the current marketing name for Apple's Macintosh Operating System. This OS was previously known as OS X, and Mac OS X before that (which itself succeeded the 'classic' Mac OS).

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Why am I getting an “invalid active developer path” when attempting to use Git after upgrading to macOS Monterey?

After upgrading to macOS Monterey, I tried to run git from Terminal but it kept giving me the following error: xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools), ...
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How to find cause of high kernel_task cpu usage?

Occasionally my machine will have a kernel_task instance max out the CPU: This can last from minutes to sometimes hours. The machine is effectively unusable in this state. Restarting doesn't help; a ...
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Please share your hidden macOS features or tips and tricks

Do you know any hidden or little-known nice feature of macOS (née Mac OS X)? It doesn't matter what it is—maybe just a short terminal command or a keyboard shortcut. Share your experiences on ...
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Remap "Home" and "End" to beginning and end of line

Most of my computing time is spent in Linux (with occasional time in Windows). On these platforms the Home and End keys universally jump to the beginning or end of the current line. I am gradually ...
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Shortcut for toggling between different windows of same app?

I opened two Google Chrome windows (because I am using multiple Gmails) and when I do the Cmd ⌘ Tab ⇥ shortcut it just shows me other applications that I opened but does not show me the other Chrome ...
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Why does my dock keep moving back to my other monitor?

I have a larger, external monitor connected to my MacBook Pro and have arranged it such that the dock is in the external monitor (via System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement, by dragging the white ...
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How can I create a symbolic link in Terminal?

What command is used to create a symbolic link/soft link?
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Got any tips or tricks for Terminal in Mac OS X?

One tip or trick per answer. My favorite is open . Opens the folder you're currently browsing in Finder. You can also pass URLs, images, documents or else to open. If you specify a program name ...
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12 answers

How can I configure Mac Terminal to have color ls output?

How can I configure Mac Terminal to have color ls output? I am using MacOS 10.5
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7 answers

How do I recompile Bash to avoid Shellshock (the remote exploit CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169)?

Given that Bash 3.2 (the version shipped by OS X) is vulnerable to the remote execution exploit known as "Shell Shock" (CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169) how do I rebuild Bash and secure my system ...
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How can I trigger a Notification Center notification from an AppleScript or shell script?

I'd love to be able to take advantage of 10.8's Notification Center features in AppleScripts and shell scripts I write. Is there a built-in command or a third-party library I can use from either an ...
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How to prevent Mac from changing the order of Desktops/Spaces

You may have encountered a situation in which Mac changes the order of desktops based on some events like alerts on a program or a web page in browser. How could I disable this logical change? Note: I'...
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How can I disable animation when switching desktops in Lion?

I would very much like to disable the sliding animation that occurs when switching desktops via ctrl+→/← or ctrl+[number] in Lion. This was previously accomplished in previous versions ...
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How do I downgrade node or install a specific previous version using homebrew?

I'm using brew. I have node installed, using brew. I want to use an earlier version of node. Online, I find instructions such as, for example: cd /usr/local/Library/Formula brew remove node --force ...
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How do I launch Finder from terminal or command line [duplicate]

I use command line a lot, like most programmers. I want to be able to launch Finder, Safari or any other application for that matter from command line e.g. finder . where it will start Finder ...
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How to combine two images into one on a Mac?

Say I have two photos (or any images), for example with the following dimensions: +----------+ +----------+ | | | | | | | | |320 x 428 | and |...
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8 answers

How to change computer name so terminal displays it in Mac OS X Mountain Lion? [duplicate]

When I setup my computer I named it "Scott's MacBook Pro". And so when I go to System preferences->Sharing, it says Scott's MacBook Pro there as my computer name. However, opening up a terminal gives ...
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Can I get the CPU temperature and fan speed from the command line in OS X?

Is there a command I can run from the command line in OS X to get the current CPU temperature and/or the fan speed(s)? To be more specific, I'd like to be able to get the same info available in the ...
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Hotkey to show hidden files and folders in File Open dialog?

This question is very similar to Is it possible to always show hidden/dotfiles in Open/Save dialogs?. How to show hidden files and folders in finder? is also related. However, I don't want to always ...
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280 votes
7 answers

"File Open" dialog is missing sidebar items

I'm having the strangest issue since updating to OS X El Capitan. My "Open File" dialogs show the sidebar but all my main (and useful) locations are missing. Take a look at this screenshot. This ...
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3 answers

How to Retrieve the Wi-Fi Password of a Connected Network on a Mac

I need to find the password for a Wi-Fi network that I am already connected to. I'm using a MacBook Pro that's running OS X Lion. Any guidance is appreciated.
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7 answers

Applications Don't Show Up in Spotlight

Spotlight has stopped showing any results for my Applications. I've tried reindexing and removing the index so it rebuilds it. No change. I've tried adding Applications to the Privacy tab and removing ...
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259 votes
3 answers

What is the "rootless" feature in El Capitan, really?

I have just learned about the "Rootless" feature in El Capitan, and I am hearing things like "There is no root user", "Nothing can modify /System" and "The world will end because we can't get root". ...
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How can I manually delete old backups to free space for Time Machine?

I use a Time Capsule for backup and now I want the drive to back up data from an extra Mac. But the drive is filled up with old backups from Mac 1. There simply is not enough space available for the ...
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252 votes
16 answers

What do I type to produce the command symbol (⌘) in Mac OS X?

What combination of keys do I press to produce the command symbol (⌘) on Mac OS X? (I copied the above symbol from
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247 votes
7 answers

Make the green full screen window icon on Yosemite maximize windows

On Mac OS X Yosemite the green icon in every window: is by default used to make the application full screen. How do I make it work the same way as in previous versions of Mac OS X, i.e. to maximize ...
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Can I open files in TextEdit from the Terminal in Mac OS X?

I frequently find that a Terminal command to open a file in TextEdit would be very handy. Does such a command exist on Mac OS X?
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28 answers

How to create a text file in a folder

In windows I right click and then there is an option to create a text file. How to do so in mac?
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11 answers

macOS Sierra doesn’t seem to remember SSH keys between reboots

I have to run this command since upgrading to macOS: ssh-add -K Corrects the problem after the reboot but I have to run this command every time I log on to my computer. If I do not run the command ...
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14 answers

Where can I find the installed package path via brew

I installed some packages via brew. But I can not find where they are. I can not get access by typing hping on terminal % brew install hping (git)-[master] Warning: hping-3.20051105 already ...
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12 answers

Why are dot underscore ._ files created, and how can I avoid them?

I am using different operating systems on different machines on different locations. I am using a USB flash disk to keep my files (source codes etc.). I am new to Mac OS X and now I realize there are ...
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8 answers

I included emoji in my password and now I can't log in to my Account on Yosemite

I wanted to check if it's possible to use emoji in a password for my Account on OS Yosemite. It worked but I didn't realize that the login screen has only native keyboards, so I can't type emoji there....
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212 votes
3 answers

How can I make Safari show the URL when I hover over a link?

Safari 5.0.1 on OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) doesn't seem to have any status bar in which the URL of a link shows when the user moves the cursor over a link (without clicking) All other browsers I've ...
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11 answers

Keyboard shortcut for restoring applications from the Mac OS X Dock?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to restore a minimised application window from the Dock? Almost all Apple Mac OS X applications respond to the Apple + M command which minimises the current application ...
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4 answers

Need a cli to check the sha256 hash of a file

To check the sha1 of a file I would use openssl sha1 <file> I'm not sure what to use to check the sha256 hash of the file however, what would you recommend?
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16 answers

Is there a keyboard shortcut to move a window from one monitor to another?

Is there a free app that I can use to move a window from one monitor to the other monitor (assuming only two monitors) via the keyboard? I shouldn't have to use the mouse at all (e.g., for selecting ...
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6 answers

How do I disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) AKA "rootless" on macOS?

Apple has introduced System Integrity Protection, also known as "rootless", with OS X 10.11, El Capitan. I understand this is a step for general protection against malware but as a developer I need ...
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Homebrew: Your CLT does not support macOS 11.0

I recently upgraded to macOS Big Sur developer Beta 8, when I do brew install jenv I get the error Homebrew: Your CLT does not support macOS 11.0. I am using CommandLine tools GM version. Tried to ...
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How to fix brew after OSX upgrade to Yosemite?

I faced some issue with Homebrew. I upgraded to Yosemite. After the upgrade, homebrew seems to be broken. I would run any brew command and get this error /usr/local/bin/brew: /usr/local/Library/brew....
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180 votes
239 answers

Which OS X Applications do you find indispensable?

Please Search Prior To Posting! There are many applications already listed. In all likelihood, this includes the one you are thinking of. Please check the existing answers to avoid duplicates, and ...
180 votes
26 answers

Is there a quick way to lock my Mac?

On Windows you can hit the keys Windows+L to lock your computer if you step away. I don't want to have to remember if sleep currently asks for a password, if there is a time out where my screen isn't ...
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107 answers

What tiny thing in Lion makes you smile or has caught you off guard?

I would like to call for a place to list some little things that surprise you about Lion. There are so many articles and lists of all the new features with information overload, I would rather focus ...
176 votes
5 answers

Open Finder window from current Terminal location?

If I am in a specific path in a Terminal window, how can I open that same window in a new Finder window? Note: This is the opposite of opening a Terminal from Finder.
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169 votes
11 answers

WindowServer high CPU on Yosemite

This is a follow up to So my Yosemite install is slow - what to do? Since installing Yosemite a week or so ago my machine is very sluggish. I am a web developer so I change windows/apps a lot. ...
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10 answers

Move through images in a folder with

When looking at an image in a directory with the Preview application, I'm used to the Windows behaviour of using the ←/→ keys to move through all the other viewable images in that ...
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Why is it not possible to use the "cut" command to manipulate a file in the Finder?

On OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), I don't seem to be able to us the "Cut" command on a file in the Finder, like you can do in Windows Explorer on Microsoft Windows. (In Windows, once you select a file and "...
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Task Switcher moves to non-primary display on Mavericks-Catalina

I'm running OS X on a computer with two displays that are not mirrored. One of them is configured as the primary display using the menu bar location in Displays System Preference, pre-Mavericks style....
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How to move files to trash from command line?

I do a lot of terminal work, and today had the experience of typing rm fileInQuestion.txt Before finding out that I did actually need fileInQuestion.txt. If I'd deleted in the GUI then I would have ...
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List USB devices on OSX command line

Can I List USB devices on OSX - similar to lsusb on Linux. I know I can access from System Information.
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How to arrange two windows easily to left and right side?

In Windows 7, we can easily arrange two windows with these shortcuts: Option (Alt) ⌥ + ← maximizes the window to the left side of the screen, and Option (Alt) ⌥ + → maximizes the window to the right ...
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