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How can I create a smart playlist on Apple Music of my instrumental songs (no lyrics)?

I'm looking to create a smart playlist on Apple Music that automatically creates a playlist or finds all of the songs in my library without lyrics. Is there a way to filter songs that Apple Music hasn'...
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Can I add lyrics to songs and have them synced with the song?

As of now, I can just copy paste raw lyrics, which won't sync with the song! Edit: I'm on Windows 10 Pro, Version 2004, Build 19541. iTunes is the iTunes64Setup.exe file install, not the Microsoft ...
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Karaoke-style lyrics in iTunes

I would like to have iTunes display the lyrics while playing and auto-scroll to synchronize with the audio. I am willing to add ID3 tags or XML or some other such thing to lyrics to support the sync, ...
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Alternative to Cover Version visualizer in iTunes 12.6

I need a way to display full screen lyrics in iTunes of the song that is currently playing. Up until now I have used Cover Version, but it doesn't work anymore since iTunes 12.6: Are there any ...
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Problem installing cover version

I tried installing the visualizer plugin Cover Version with my new mac with OS Sierra. I followed the instructions and put the file in the itunes plugin folder, but it doesn't show up in iTunes among ...
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Add Lyrics to iTunes with a program [duplicate]

I've been looking for a program ,or a widget, that could search for lyrics, download them and add them to iTunes (or display the lyrics while I'm playing a song). All those I could find were outdated ...
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How to display Lyrics for the song in Apple Music on iOS?

How to display lyrics on iOS device via Apple Music?
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Lyrics for any iOS music?

There are loads of iOS apps for song lyrics, but it seems that they all make me play music in THAT app if I want to see the lyrics. But almost any iOS music app lets me see the artist and song title ...
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iPod Nano (6th Generation) Lyrics Support

I'm thinking of getting an iPod Nano (6th Generation) and I'm not sure if it has support for lyrics. Does anyone know if it does?
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How can I view iTunes metadata lyrics without using Get Info in iTunes?

I want a third-party application which will show me the lyrics I've entered in my songs' metadata, preferably without a dock icon. Either a pop-up of some sort or displaying them on the desktop would ...
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Mini Lyrics Alternative For Mac

Have you guys seen the "mini lyrics" app for windows? It downloads the lyrics of the currently playing song and displays it on the screen. The great thing about it is that it highlights the current ...
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Alternative to iTunes Album Art

I'm looking for an alternative to iTunes' Album Art. I liked it so far but since the upgrade to Lion / latest iTunes I see some annoying bugs. To be worth considering, the alternative I'm looking for ...
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Application to add lyrics to iTunes library [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Automatically download lyrics Is there an application that will go through your iTunes library and add the lyrics to the songs? If at all possible, it would be great if it was ...
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What is the best widget for song lyrics?

I'm looking for a widget that can Show the lyrics of the current playing song Get the lyrics online if there is none on the music, and save it Nice designed I used to use the Harmonic widget, but it ...
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How can I automatically download lyrics in iTunes?

Is there a way to automatically download lyrics in iTunes?
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iPod lyrics hiding things in <> ... workaround?

I bought a CD, ripped it and copied it to my iPod Touch. Then I found the lyrics on the internet, confirmed that they're the same as in the album booklet, and pasted them into the lyrics section in ...
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View Song Lyrics in iTunes

Assuming I have songs with lyrics already added to them, how do I easily view them when listening to a song?
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How do I add lyrics to a song in iTunes?

How do I add lyrics to a song in iTunes so that it shows the lyrics on the iPod/iPad?
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