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Is Live Text OCR data stored somewhere?

I’m finding the Live Text feature on iOS to be incredibly useful. For example, it allows me to copy example sentences from the Duolingo language-learning app if I save the sentence as screenshot. I’d ...
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Search for text in image using macOS Preview's Live Text OCR

I want to use Apple's new Live Text feature to search a PDF for a specific text phrase. The PDF is a large file without any baked-in encoded text. Just many pages of images of scanned text, stored in ...
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Force Preview to Live Text a PDF?

I have scanned a document and turned it into a PDF. When I open that PDF in Preview, I would have expected all of the text in the doc to be selectable via Live Text, but it's not. However, if I take a ...
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Built-in OCR in macOS?

Recently I've found on my Mac that I can easily highlight text in an image that wasn't possible before. Is there also a built-in CLI option or an AppleScript option to address the OCR program with ...
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Mac Monterey "Live Text" Not Working for Imported Screenshots in Photos app

Live Text seems to work in Photos for pictures that I've taken with my iPhone camera. However, I want to use the Live Text on screenshots from meetings. I've imported the screenshot into Photos, with ...
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For "Live Text" in macOS Monterey, can you have it scan all of your photos, and use the Live Text OCR'd content to search against in Spotlight Search?

MacOS Monterey includes "Live Text", which is OCR to use when viewing your photos, including handwriting recognition. But I have thousands of photos, many of which are photos of ...
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