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Directory Services with OpenLDAP

I have an OpenLDAP instance running on Amazon AWS. I've got a few users and groups set up, I'm able to use ldapsearch from my macbook to bind and search the server. I would like was trying to add my ...
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Configure LDAP through command line (NOT Directory Utility) on Ventura and Monterey

I can configure Directory Utility to make Mac machines (Monterey and above) authenticate users through my OpenLDAP (Ubuntu-based) server and everything works perfectly fine. But I need to do it ...
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Contacts does not read properly from LDAP and/or Zimbra

I can't get Contacts to work with an Open LDAP server in OSX 10.9.2, apparently regardless of the settings that I use. I can query it from the command line, so it's definitely working. I have also ...
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Login to OS X Server User Account from Local Computer

I have OS X Server installed on a Mac Mini. I've created several user accounts, one of which is: Account Name: Bob Password: abc123 From the Mac Mini's login screen I can choose "Server" (main ...
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How do I stop Safari from marking password "reused" on all sites using same LDAP

I have a few resources that are in different domains, but all use the same LDAP authentication. So I have,,, etc. Which all use same me@...
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Why does user authentication via OpenLDAP work everywhere except for MacOS 11 login and Time Machine?

I have an OpenLDAP directory on an Ubuntu server that I am trying to use for user management, authentication and various other goodies. I can use this directory and its authentication information to: ...
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MacOS Catalina ldap browser supporting certificate authentication?

I’m looking for an GUI based ldap browser here that supports certificate authentication I previously used softerra on windows. I’ve looked into: PhpLdap admin, Jxplorer, Ldapadmin tool. I checked ...
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Import and export LDAP settings from Directory utility

Is there a way to import and export LDAP settings in macOS Catalina? In previous OS versions, when installing a new laptop, we will connect it to our LDAP server simply by copying some files with our ...
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Replacing samba.schema (LDAP) on Mavericks Server

I have a Mavericks Server with Open Directory, where all my user information is stored. I have an Ubuntu 14.04 server which has hitherto served up files using NFS. My Mavericks desktop is having ...
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Suggestd Crash due to SGSqliteDatabaseError

I'm currently working in an environment with some Openldap users and nfs mounted homes. Everything is working like a charm, but I'm facing some issues regarding some ReportCrash that keeps writing in ...
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