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1 answer

How to scrobble to from YouTube played via Apple TV?

I got some rad new sonos speakers and hooked them up to my TV. So naturally I'm now playing more music videos on YouTube. But isn't picking up these scrobbles. Bummer! What can I do to make ...
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1 answer

Can I scrobble Google Music on iPhone?

Is there an app for iPhone iOS8 which will scrobble Google Music onto I came across this question, but it only applies to Android.
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2 answers

How to set iChat status from the command line?

I'm trying to sync my Last.FM last played track with my iChat status... right from the command line. I've come this far: curl -s | grep ...
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2 answers

Is there a app for iOS to submit the music I'm listening to ?

Is there a app for iOS to submit the music I'm listening to ? Now with iCloud I'm not connecting my devices anymore by cable to the mac, so the tracks are never submitted. thanks
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6 answers

What is the best scrobbler for for my iOS device?

I would like to scrobble played tracks to from my iPod touch. I currently use the official iTunes scrobbler, but it seems to drop data. What are the best iOS scrobblers for a jailbroken and a ...
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