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The password management system in macOS

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How can I permanently add my SSH private key to Keychain so it is automatically available to ssh?

It seems that ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/id_rsa will load your key but will ask for the password each time you reboot. I am looking for a solution that would not require me to re-enter the key password ...
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OSX is repeatedly asking for login keychain password

After starting up my newer iMac it's asking for for the login keychain password for several applications. It is stuck in a cycle that I can't cancel out of. Any suggestions?
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Import certificates into the System Keychain via the command line

Is it possible to copy a certificate to a machine running OS X Snow Leopard, add it to the System Keychain, then set it to "Always Trust via SSH?" And if so... how?
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High Sierra 10.13 : Keychain Access Menubar Item Missing?

Is the Keychain Access Menubar Item missing for anyone else? The in-built Help app still claims setting the Keychain Access Menubar Item is possible through Keychain Access > Preferences > General. ...
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Can't delete keychain items with UI, but command line works fine

When using the Keychain Access app, I am often unable to delete an Web form password item. I have tried hitting the delete key and going to Edit > Delete. In both cases, nothing happens, there is no ...
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How do I delete or fix my Keychain after changing my password?

How do I reset my main keychain and completely delete the old one? I changed my password and its been coming up with all of these popups asking for my new password when I first login. If anyone can ...
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What is accountsd and why does it want to use the "login" keychain?

Periodically, I'm seeing this keychain dialog pop up: I click 'Cancel', then it pops up again, then I click 'Cancel' again, and it goes away for a while. (Maybe an hour or two, I haven't timed it.) ...
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How can I add a private key to my keychain?

I am trying to add myRepositoryKey to my Mac keychain utility so . I exported this item in OpenRSA format from Putty. When I try to use Import Items, the file is unselectable. What do I need to do to ...
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How to view certificate info without installing

I have a certificate and/or private key file (pfx) on my OS X desktop. I'd like to look at its information (CN, SAN, OU, thumbprint, etc) but when I double click on it, it attempts to install into my ...
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How to tell why macOS thinks that a certificate is revoked?

I cannot access Wikipedia on both my Macs. macOS says that the intermediate certificate used to sign Wikipedia’s certificate (GlobalSign Organization Validation CA - SHA256 - G2) has been revoked. I ...
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Where has "Keychain First Aid" gone?

On my machine running OS X El Capitan, there is no "Keychain First Aid" option in the Keychain Access app. All documentation, including Mac OS Help in El Capitan, says to go to the Keychain Access ...
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"Unknown Error = -2,147,414,007" on creating certificate with Certificate Assistant

I am getting "Unknown Error = -2,147,414,007" on creating a certificate through the Keychain app. Steps to Recreate: Open the Keychain Access application. Select Certificate Assistant > ...
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When i try to install my certificate in keychain, the error says: Unable to import - Error Code 25294

I am using the 10.9.5 version and ios 8. When i try to install my certificate i got through my developer account for push notification for my app in the keychain local items, its not importing. The ...
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How do I update my root certificates on an older version of Mac OS (e.g. El Capitan)?

I have difficulty reaching various secure web sites. They give me a certificate expired error. They work on Firefox but not Safari or Chrome. They also work on newer versions of macOS (e.g. Catalina, ...
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OSX ssh-agent: no password pasting, and problem with PKCS#8?

I use ssh on my machine, and have set up a long not-human-friendly passphrase which is saved in my password manager. What makes me crazy every time is that I cannot paste into the window pictured ...
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How can I access the keychain remotely from the command line?

I am storing various passwords (e.g. for remote email servers) in my keychain. From the command line, when logged in locally, I can retrieve these via: security unlock-keychain ~/Library/Keychains/...
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Selectively disable iCloud keychain syncing for WiFi passwords

I have iCloud Keychain sync enabled, but I want to stop it syncing WiFi passwords. I have a portable WiFi hotspot which I use for my laptop and iPad, but I don't want my iPhone to connect to it since ...
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Terminal login hangs

I have a strange issue on my new MacBook Pro (late-2016, touch bar). It works fine and then, after using it for a while, opening new Terminal windows doesn't work because login hangs. Rebooting fixes ...
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How to tell Google Chrome to use my Keychain

Background: Story: A colleague of mine told me about 1Password and it seems good to me. I am always trying to use tools which Mac OS X itself gives me, so I've given the Keychain a try. It seems ...
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Export keychains

in order to migrate to an Ubutun, I would like to export all my password, to for example a CSV file. In Keychain Access, I found export menu, but it's alway disabled, even when the access is unlocked....
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macOS 10.12 Sierra will not forget my ssh keyfile passphrase

After creating a new encrypted id-rsa key file with ssh-keygen and using it for the first time, I cannot get macOS to forget the passphrase. This is similar to how to make OS X not remember ssh key ...
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Sync Chrome passwords with Apple iCloud Keychain

Is there a tool or a process where I can export/sync my Google Chrome saved passwords into iCloud Keychain?
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Safari can't connect to https

Safari suddenly can't connect to any HTTPS site because it "can't establish a secure connection". This is on an administrator account, not a managed account. A different administrator account is ...
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Cloudd wants to use the "Local items" keychain

I opened my MBP and certainly the system gives the following warning "Cloudd wants to use the "Local items" keychain" and asks me for my keychain-password. After cancelling this warning, it kept ...
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How do I stop 'mdwrite wants to use the "metadata" keychain' prompts?

Suddenly I'm getting repeated (endless) prompts that mdwrite wants to use the "metadata" keychain and asking me to please enter the keychain password. but my password (I know the password for ...
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How do you get a Cisco VPN connection to remember its password?

The Problem I've got a Cisco IPSEC VPN connection in my network settings on a Yosemite machine. It works fine, aside from prompting for a password on every single connection. The saved password is ...
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skype wants to export "Apple ID Authentication" from the keychain

Today, I came back from having a coffee, unlock my Macbook (12" 2017, running Skype version in Mojave 10.14.3 and I see this: Does anyone have any idea what is this and why would Skype ...
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How is the System Keychain secured in OS X?

I'm looking for something either like this security white paper for iOS except for OS X or even better, some kind of security audit report from an independent expert. After reading through ...
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Replace password prompt with Touch ID to read Keychain password

I'm using the following command to fetch a password from the Keychain in a shell script: security find-generic-password -w -s "MyServiceName" It works, but it's showing a popup window asking me for ...
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How to access the Wi-Fi password through Terminal?

I am at my school and the computer I am currently using is connected to a Wi-Fi network. I want to know the Wi-Fi password and I am on a Mac. I know there is a way to do it through Terminal. What I ...
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Keychain issues after Sierra

I've updated to MacOS Sierra a few days ago, and it has been really unstable (a lot of freezes and hangs, specially in XCode). I noticed that in Console, the following two lines appear repeatedly, ...
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OS X 10.11 unable to press "allow" on Keychain Access dialogs

I'm running into an issue where keychain password verification box does not verify password - does not shake for incorrect password and nothing happens when I press "allow". I'm using iCloud keychain. ...
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Is there a way to generate random passwords in Safari, without iCloud?

I know that iCloud Keychain has a feature where it offers to generate strong, random passwords directly in Safari. Some third-party password managers allow it, but I'd prefer to store the password in ...
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OS X Keychain keeps prompting me for my SSH passphrase even though I save it (OS X 10.6.8) [duplicate]

Every time I log in to a remote server with SSH, OS X keychain prompts me to remember the SSH passphrase. I type in the passphrase and check the box to remember it. I then connect ok to the server but ...
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19 votes
7 answers

Cannot unlock password protected SSH key in OS X Mavericks

I just upgraded to OSX 10.9, and when trying to establish an SSH connection with public key authentication, a prompt appears asking for my SSH key password. I initially thought that the upgrade ...
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chatty "switching to keychain-db" console messages in Sierra

In macOS Sierra I'm noticing a very "chatty" and repetitive series of warnings in the console, like this: default 15:27:23.330990 -0700 AppleIDAuthAgent switching to keychain-db: /Users/XYZ/...
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How to stop my machine asking for multiple passwords when I log in?

Ever since I changed my user account password, every time I log in to my machine I have to enter multiple passwords. First, I enter the new account password to actually log in. Once I'm at my desktop ...
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How to sync passwords between Chrome and iCloud Keychain

I'd like to use Chrome (currently Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit)) and on my iPad I'd like to use Safari (obviously). Since 10.10 the sync between Chrome and MacOS Keychain stopped working for me. Is ...
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Should time machine backups be encrypted

I am new to the Mac and was setting up my Time Machine. However, it seems Time Machine also backs up information in the keychain. I was wondering if that means I should use an encrypted disk to store ...
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How to store proxy credentials on macOS so they are used by system services?

I'm using macOS Sierra 10.12.6 behind a corporate NTLM proxy. My browser and other applications are using the system proxy settings, in which I have saved my username and password for authenticating ...
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How can I disable SSH KeychainIntegration in OS X Mavericks?

I'm having some issues with SSH KeychainIntegration in OS X Mavericks. I've tried poking around Apple's support site, but haven't seen anyone having my issue. I have seen lots of people who ...
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Mail on OS X: Choose which X.509 certificate to use for signing mails

I've got multiple X.509 certificates from different CA's for different purposes -- for example, one from, and another one from my university. Both have different advantages and ...
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Keychain won't let copy passwords after 10.11.1 update

After the 10.11.1 update, I can not get access to some of encrypted data stored in my keychains with Keychain Most notably, I can not see or copy passwords stored. Normally, to do so, you'...
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How do I remove many system roots from Apple System Keychain?

The Apple keychain application will not let you remove system roots, it will only allow you to disable them. It will only allow you to disable them one at a time. For each one, you need to go through ...
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OS X is repeatedly asking for login keychain password

I know this has been asked here several times, but I already checked the other discussions and tried their suggestions, but without success. Is there anything I can do instead of re-installing the ...
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How can I tell Mobile Safari to stop remembering to never remember my password?

I've changed my mind about having Safari/iCloud Keychain never remember my password for a given website. I'd like to remove that setting and store the password, but I can't find any ability to delete/...
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Dump iCloud keychain in Terminal

I failed to find the path to iCloud keychain to do just security dump-keychain - the iCloud keychain isn't shown when I try security list-keychains. What is the path to that keychain (or, if it cannot ...
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The error "Keychain "login" cannot be found to store ..."

When I start up my MacBookPro/osx/snow leopard , I get this error with yahoo messenger.. What is this keychain thing? Is this some Mac thing? Any links to explain this concept and how to resolve it? ...
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What is assistantd?

Ever since I upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion and installed OS X Server, I keep getting prompts for my Keychain password from a process called assistantd. I'm pretty sure that it's an OS X process, but ...
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Unlock keychain with Touch ID

Is there a way to authenticate with Touch ID instead of password on Macbook Pro when I need to unlock the keychain?
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