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A physical device with buttons that allow characters to be entered

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How do I turn off the Front Row keyboard shortcut?

I keep accidentally hitting Command+Esc and bringing up Front Row. How can I disable this shortcut?
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Is there a way to start a specific application with a keyboard short cut? [duplicate]

Sort of like the Windows+R command in the windows world? That actually just lets you run a command but you get the idea.
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Keyboard needs to be setup on every boot up

I am being asked to setup my keyboard every time I reboot my computer. Is there anyway I can get this to keep the setup? I am on Snow Leopard and have a Logitech Wave wireless keyboard and mouse ...
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29 votes
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Is there a backquote on the iPhone keyboard?

Is there a backquote (backtick `) on the iPhone keyboard, and if so, where is it? When I'm writing a post on a site in the SE family (especially SO), I want to use the backquote for inline code ...
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Keyboard shortcut for restoring applications from the Mac OS X Dock?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to restore a minimised application window from the Dock? Almost all Apple Mac OS X applications respond to the Apple + M command which minimises the current application ...
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