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What happened to jabber / hangouts options in messages? [duplicate]

Messages (on Mac OS X) used to let you add a gmail account for jabber -- it appears this is gone now? Is there a way to re-enable it?
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How do I use Messages with Google Hangouts on MacOS Mojave?

After upgrading to MacOS Mojave, Messages no longer allows me to sign in to Jabber / Google Talk. Previously, if the Jabber account was offline, it offered a dropdown to sign back in. Now, that ...
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How to get rid of annoying Non-secure Jabber Login popup?

My Messages app out-of-blue started to complain that my GTalk credentials are being sent in non-secured manner. Your name and password will be sent in a way that is not secure. Do you still wish to ...
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Yosemite Messages: Support for a separate speaker for notifications?

I'm using a jabber account with Messages for voice and video calling, as well as chat. I also use a headset most of the time, and have it set as my primary audio device, but want to hear if someone ...
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Sending images/attachments via Google Chat in Messages app

Is it possible to send images or other attachments in the Messages desktop app (OS X) when talking to someone on Google Chat (Jabber)? I have tried sending files but they never receive them.
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How can I use Jabber with OTR on IOS?

I would like to use Jabber with OTR Encoding on my iPad. Which clients are supporting this? Apps already tried: ChatSecure doesn't seem to work with XMPP. IM+ Pro is not recommended. Trillian has no ...
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3 answers

Could iCloud be replaced by a personal WebDAV server?

I like to run all my own data services (for security and confidentiality). I'm wondering whether anyone has tried to replace iCloud with a personal server. I presume that a combination of server side ...
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3 answers

Mountain Lion Messages Facebook Jabber connection problem

This is a very weird problem I'm having with my Messages app on Mountain Lion. I have two accounts: a Google Talk and a Jabber account that is linked to my Facebook chat. Whenever I open my Messages ...
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2 answers

Can I use iChat with MSN through its new XMPP/Jabber compatibility?

The Windows Team blog announced XMPP compatibility with their MSN/Live IM network recently. Have anyone tried to get iChat to work with MSN yet? (I'm not looking for Jabber transports)
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1 answer

Windows Live XMPP and iChat

I'm not all too familiar with the XMPP protocol, but ever since Microsoft released official XMPP support for Windows live Messenger, i've been wondering how to make it work with the "Jabber" account ...
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A jabber chat client that displays a list of rooms?

I'm on OS X 10.6.6, and I've tried Adium and iChat, but neither are iChat isn't capable of showing a list of available rooms anywhere on our company chat server. Does anyone know of a Jabber chat ...
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What jabber clients are there for iPhone?

My girlfriend just got an iPhone, and we are wondering what are the available (and recommended) applications to chat using jabber.
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Unable to share screen over iChat

I've been trying to set up iChat screen sharing between an iBook G4 and my MacBook (both running the latest Leopard) for some time now without success. iChat has been configured on both computers with ...