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iTunes is an application available for macOS and Windows. It is used to manage & play media and sync data to iOS devices.

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Unable to change payment information to NONE in iOS Appstore

Ever since adding an iTunes gift card to my account, I'm getting verification requests like crazy. I can't even download free apps. It takes me to my payment info and when I try to select none, I ...
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How do I download an iOS App (IPA) file to my Mac after iTunes 12.7 update?

Now that Apple has removed the ability to access the iOS App Store in iTunes 12.7 on Mac/Windows (See MacRumors article), I can't find any way to download an IPA file from the App Store. As a note, I'...
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Retrieve Voice Memos from device?

iOS seems to refuse to allow me to email "long" voice memos, and I'm unaware of any way to extract them from iTunes backups of my phone. How can I retrieve entire voice memos that aren't really short?
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iTunes: Moving iTunes Files (Self Managed)

I'm trying to move all my music to another drive and I don't let iTunes organize my music for me. I moved the "iTunes" folder to my external and I also moved my Music folder which is also outside of ...
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Override iTunes "media" keys (play, pause, etc) for Spotify?

Is it possible to set Spotify as the default program when the "media" keys (play, pause, previous, next, etc) are pressed on the Mac keyboard? For the most part when Spotify is open, the "media" ...
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How can I prevent Music app from starting automatically randomly?

The Music app which was introduced in Catalina continuously starts automatically on my Mac. It launches suddenly while I use the mac. The system doesn’t launch the app at the time of the startup. I ...
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How can I clean up 'Other' storage on iPhone 3G?

My iPhone 3G is currently showing 3.1GB of 'Other' disk space in iTunes, and this amount seems to be growing by about 0.1GB every couple of days. I can't find any good references for what this space ...
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How to share an iTunes library between Mac & Windows?

i have two SSDs and one HDD in my computer. One SSD runs OS X and one SSD runs Windows. On the HDD i have my iTunes Library and Music Files. I want to use the same library on both OSs. I used this ...
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Prevent EarPod play/pause button from activating Siri on macOS Sierra

I have installed macOS Sierra. I often work on my Mac while on the go, and then I play music using iTunes over my EarPods connected via the mini-Jack plug. The button allows me to pause the music, ...
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How do I unlock my iTunes account when my old e-mail is unavailable?

When I originally set up my iTunes account, I used an email address from my prior employer. I later moved my account to a personal rather than corporate email address and I have since changed jobs. ...
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iPhone Apps in Waiting mode for the last 4 days

I tried to download the "Dictionary Free" app from the App Store four days ago, but it's been stuck in "Waiting" ever since. I've tried everything: rebooting the phone, restoring from an iTunes backup,...
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How to delete all music on my iPhone

How do I delete all the music on my iPhone. I tried doing it through iTunes but it says my collection is not managed by iTunes and I don't want to erase and sync because all my apps are nicely backed ...
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Can't transfer purchases from iPhone to iTunes in iOS 9

After upgrading to iOS 9, I can't transfer purchases from my iPhone to iTunes. It happens to just start the process, then it finishes without transferring anything. However, I can still transfer ...
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Can I download a free app from the App Store without a credit card?

I just recently got an iPod Touch and wanted to download some free apps. The App Store wanted me to get an Apple ID, no problem. But now it's telling me to input a credit card. I don't have one, and ...
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How to add podcasts manually to the new on macOS Catalina

I'm on macOS Catalina (10.15 Beta (19A471t)), and I'm trying to add manually downloaded podcasts that I copied from an iTunes library to the new I tried to simply drag the files into ...
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How to remove the "Could not connect to the iTunes store" error message when your network does not allow access to the iTunes Store

Since the last update, iTunes is unusable for me on my iMac, because with every song change it shows a "Could not connect to the iTunes Store" error message. My network at work does not allow access ...
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iPhone 7 Plus stuck in recovery mode and can't restore/update even in DFU after downgrading from iOS 11

Here is what has happened. I'm hoping there is still hope in me fixing this since the weekend is here and the earliest I can get a repair appointment is Monday. I've been on the iOS 11 Developer Beta ...
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Restoring an OLD iPhone backup

I recently made a full backup of my iPhone 4S to my computer. I was having some issues with it, so I went into DFU mode and did a clean install. Unfortunately as soon as iTunes finished installing ...
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Why am I asked for a credit card number to download a free app? [duplicate]

I want to download free app in my iPod touch device and i have the following doubts. Kindly resolve me doubts. when i try to download it asks my credit card security number. since i am trying to ...
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Are there any features like Winamp's auto tag exist for iTunes?

It took me 3 months to ID3 Tag all of the MP3s (artist, album, released year, etc) in my iTunes library. It was annoying. I saw that Winamp solves this problem with an "Auto Tag" feature. Is there ...
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Move external iTunes library files to different location without losing metadata

I'm trying to move my iTunes library to a new location. I'm running iTunes without the "organize media" option because I keep my library (60000+ songs) on a second drive in my MacBook... I recently ...
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100% Delete U2 from iPhone?

I've looked up many ways on how to deal with the U2 songs on my phone, but they will not go away what ever I try. The most common solution for this problem is to "Show all" music, go to the Music, ...
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iPhone asks 'Trust This Computer' again

(I am on macOS 10.14.6 and iOS 12.4) I am certain that I have trusted my Mac before. Without the latter trust, I can also access the phone in iTunes. I have tried reset "Location and Privacy" on my ...
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How can I pause the download on Mac App Store and then resume it later?

I am downloading macOS Sierra from Mac App Store. But I have electricity problem here. Due to which my iMac will lose power after 2 hours. Now I want to pause the downloading so that I can resume the ...
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How do I remove files from iTunes which have been deleted on disk?

When cleaning up my disk I deleted a couple of files from my music collection which iTunes was managing. Now when I try to sync a device I get an error message that it can't sync these files because ...
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2 answers

Can I easily view all songs that iTunes can't locate in Finder?

I recently had a mishap with my music library, resulting in the untimely termination of hundreds of innocent music files. These songs were not removed from iTunes, so there are many tracks that are ...
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Remove all duplicates on iTunes library

I want to remove all duplicates from my library, to consider a duplicate the song must have the same encoding, bits, duration.
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How do I get rid of my encrypted iPhone backups to start from scratch?

Is there a way I can delete all my encrypted iPhone backups for which I forgot the password, so that I can start backing up from fresh? At the moment I'm stuck in this loop (below) which I can't ...
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iPhone available space: significant difference between iTunes and iPhone

I am trying to update my wife's iPhone from iOS 7 (.x.x) to 8 (the latest). I was trying through iTunes because the iPhone says only around 300MB is available. iTunes shows around 7GB as available ...
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Can I transfer or sync purchased as well as non-purchased songs from my iPhone to my computer?

So, I wiped my drive clean on my MacBook and reinstalled the OS. Happily the best of my music was safe on my iPhone and I figured it would easily flow back to my iTunes library. Not so happily, I can'...
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How can I automatically download lyrics in iTunes?

Is there a way to automatically download lyrics in iTunes?
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How can we unlock an iPhone backup file if we don't know the password?

I've got a rather peculiar problem. My wife's iPhone got stolen and we bought a new one from the insurance money. When trying to restore the backup file to her new phone, iTunes asks for the password: ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Why is my iPhone screen stuck on the 'connect to iTunes' screen?

I need help with my iPhone. It's stuck on the 'connect to iTunes' screen. iTunes does recognize the iPhone, but when I select 'restore', it goes through a few progress bars, then errors again. I've ...
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How to restore my iPhone when iTunes keeps returning an error 2001?

My iPhone 5 won't boot anymore and when I plug it in my MacBook, it goes to recovery mode (cable logo => iTunes logo). So I tried to restore it using iTunes but I keep getting this error Any idea ...
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2 answers

Create backup iPhone with forgotten encryption password

I'm trying to make a backup from my iPhone, however it's set to be password protected. I do not know the password, as I've never set one. I've tried all the passwords I know, which I've ever used to ...
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Sync iTunes U between 2 Macs via an iPod

Is it possible to download lectures (from iTunes U) with iTunes on Mac A, sync an iPod to Mac A, then carry that iPod to Mac B, and finally watch them on Mac B? That's what I have been doing with my ...
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transfering iphone data to another computer

I have a laptop and want to give it to my sis after I bought a mac mini. Now how can I let my iphone sync with the mac mini for the following data: (I think this applies to any 2 computers) music not ...
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How do I remove videos from iPhone

I have a few videos on iPhone under the Videos app, not video stream. I have synced with iTunes, unchecked sync videos etc, and they have still not been removed, even though they are ...
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How do I restore iPhone 6s stuck on connect to iTunes screen/Apple logo

I'm not really sure how, but after I woke up today, my phone was just displaying the loading spinner and doesn't start up anymore. It's weird because my phone turned off last night and suspecting that ...
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Mono output from an external DAC

Due to a health issue I have very reduced hearing in my left ear. Because of this I often listen to music in mono instead of stereo. The macOS audio controls (under the accessibility settings) allow ...
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7 answers

Why isn't iTunes shuffle random?

This is a problem that has bugged me for the last 5 years, across multiple devices, operating systems and installs of iTunes and iPods. I have found that the iTunes shuffle feature does not randomly ...
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Simplest way to prevent iTunes from automatically launching when iPhone/iPad is connected

When I connect my iPad or iPhone to my Mac iTunes automatically launches. What is the simplest way to prevent this from happening?
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6 answers

Can I direct audio from a single app to a particular output?

For example, I would like for iTunes to play thru my iMac's speakers, but iChat's notifications thru my headphones.
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How Many Genius Mixes Are There in iTunes?

Every so often I'll add a couple hundred new songs to my iTunes and discover a new mix has been created. It makes me wonder then, exactly how many mixes are there, what genres are they, etc. Here's a ...
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What exactly does "erase and sync" mean in iTunes?

This is one of the scariest, vaguest warnings I've ever seen. In my case I don't mind if it erases all of my songs and re-syncs with my new computer, but I sure as hell don't want it erasing ...
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Headphone play/pause button controls iTunes only

Finally upgraded my MacBook Pro (Unibody late 2008) from leopard to snow leopard, with a view to go to Lion when it finishes downloading. I've now noticed that hitting the single button on my Etymotic ...
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How can I sync my iTunes music library between two Macs for free?

I have a desktop system that I use as a server. I also have a MacBook Pro that is my main computer. I've done a lot of organization and cleanup of my music library and have it all on my MacBook Pro. ...
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How to copy MP3 files from my PC to my iphone?

How to copy MP3 files from my PC to my iphone? I have many Mp3 on my PC but some Mp3s I want to copy in iphone to listen from iphone. How to do that? I'm having itunes account and itunes software on ...
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What is the safest way to move the iTunes Library from one hard drive to another?

This may happen later with my iMac, but right now it is happening for my iTunes on PC. The PC had 60GB of partition to install Windows 7, and right now it is down to about 2GB of free space. All ...
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Is there any way to add an ePub book to iBooks without iTunes?

I purchased a book and have it in ePub and PDF formats. I can easily add the PDF to iBooks from Safari. However, I can't find a method to get an ePub book into iBooks without iTunes. I'm away from my ...
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