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iTunes Radio is a music discovery service provided by Apple through the iTunes OS X app and the Music iOS app.

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Create a playlist of songs loved/likes on Apple Music

I've been listening to the Apple Music thing that came out in iOS 8.4 and I've been clicking the little heart button on the songs I've liked assuming I'd be able to find these songs again. Is there ...
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Cannot see iTunes Radio on my device after updating to iOS7

I just have a quick question regarding the iTunes radio function. My girlfriend and I updated our iPhone 5 at the same time. She got the iTunes Radio, and mine is nowhere to be found. I open iTunes ...
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6 votes
3 answers

How to disable Apple Radio in iTunes and iOS?

Update: iTunes/Apple Radio is now a paid service only — making it's removal from clogging up our screens more relevant. On an iPhone, it's possible to disable Apple Music from cluttering your Music....
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Why isn't iTunes Radio presenting the options affecting station variety?

I am not seeing the options in iTunes Radio for "Play More Like This" and "Never Play This" for individual songs, nor the "Variety" slider for each station. Per iTunes ...
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Why can't I vote on iTunes Radio songs?

The like and dislike options are grayed out. I'm on an iPhone 5s and iOS 7.0. Any ideas?
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Radio tab disappeared in iOS7 music app

I was listening to iTunes Radio yesterday - US iPhone, US Apple ID - after launching it from the 'Radio' tab in the Music app (mentioned here). Today that tab disappeared. What happened?
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