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Questions tagged [iot]

Internet of Things, IoT, is an application domain that integrates different technological and social fields. Devices that link together such as sensors, remotes, servos; networks (Cloud, WiFi, Bluetooth) and data transfer. They give you the ability to receive real-time data to your mobile device and with proper programming skills, analysis to help your hobby or business venture.

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1 vote
0 answers

Can two HomeKit homes share one Philip Hue Bridge?

I have one Hue Bridge V2 (the square HomeKit-enabled one) and it's all working fine in HomeKit. Today I installed two more lights and I want to share them with my roommate. But the problem is that the ...
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2 answers

Should I buy a Hardware Firewall for my Time Capsule 4th Gen Router?

For my home network, I am still using the Time Capsule 4th Generation Router, from 2011. I realized that I may have overestimated the security of this device, as it apparently does not have a Firewall ...
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1 answer

Block Internet but not the local network using an Airport Express

The situation is as follows: Internet modem <-> Airport Express (DHCP + NAT) <-> rest of the network I have a ISP-modem which handles my Internet connection. I have an Airport Express ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What are the App Store fees for subscription to an IoT hardware product?

I'm looking for clarification on the App Store fees charged by Apple for a hardware related app. Refer to the relevant App Store Review Guideline:
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2 votes
3 answers

How do I fix Double NAT caused by sharing wifi internet on my local wifi network?

My apartment building provides free wifi internet. I have a local wifi network with multiple IOT devices, so I need to be able to serve the building's wifi across my local wifi just as I would if I ...
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1 answer

A splitter to carry more than just audio

I am gradually acquiring devices that connect directly to my iPad and iPhone via the Lightning port: An iRig music keyboard An iCirround IShowFast 32 GB memory stick (double-ended with Lightning and ...
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