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Questions tagged [internet-recovery]

Internet Recovery is a feature of OS X that allows the user to boot directly from Apple's servers. It checks the computer's memory and hard drive, then allows a reinstall of OS X. This feature was first introduced with OS X Lion in the summer of 2011.

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1 answer

Which Macs support macOS internet recovery?

I know that all modern Macs support internet recovery, but I'm not quite sure how far back that started. How can I tell if internet recovery is supported on a specific model? And when was this feature ...
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Deleted MacOS partitions and installed Ubuntu, now can't boot with DVD, USB or internet recovery to reinstall MacOS

I deleted all partitions on the MacBook's HD and installed Ubuntu. Now I want to reinstall MacOS but nothing will work. Holding option on startup shows the grey screen with the pointer but no ...
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-5101 error on Internet Recovery

I'm trying to install macOS Big Sur on a 2016 15" MacBook Pro using Internet Recovery (Cmd-Opt-R during boot), but I keep getting an -5101F error, with a link to I've tried an ...
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1 vote
2 answers

High Sierra internet recovery cannot contact server

Old MacBook Pro (mid-2011) running OS X Sierra was out of commission as the power supply had gone bad. I got a new power supply and fired it up. I was greeted with a warning from Chrome that it would ...
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Unable to install OS X, cmd+R opening internet recovery instead of usual recovery

I'm trying to clean install OS X El Capitan on a MacBook Pro (early 2015). After erasing my disk I started the installation of OS X. After accepting the license agreement I was asked to choose a ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Cannot reinstall OS X. Will Apple Store do it on the spot?

I installed Windows on my MacBook Air 2015 and erased the SSD in the process because it's only 128 GB and because I thought it would be easy to create a bootable USB key to reinstall OS X should I ...
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How do I boot into Internet Recovery on a iMac?

i have this problem i tap on COMMAND+OPTION+R and I want to boot into Internet Recovery on a iMac and for some reason it just continues the screen and boots onto OS X Utilities. Someone help me?
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3 votes
1 answer

Will 'Internet Recovery' necessarily erase my hard drive?

My Mac is booting to the 'question mark' folder. I option-booted to 'Internet Recovery'. Before I proceed, I would like to know: Will 'Internet Recovery' necessarily erase my hard drive? Can anyone ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to delete redundant disks on disk utility

I reinstalled my OS a couple of times and ended up with many redundant disks as you can see in the picture: I want to get rid of them. Of course, I tried the following diskutil commands: eraseDisk : ...
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Erasing and Partitioning Hard Drive from Internet Recovery

My MacBook Pro (mid 2012) was encrypted and running Yosemite 10.10.3. (The last update with Photos ruined it.) Yesterday, all of a sudden, everything freezes. I forced Shut Down and since then, it´s ...
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1 answer

Cannot install OS X in recovery mode

I want to reset my iMac (late 2014, 1 TB Fusion Drive) to factory settings. As I want to set it back to Yosemite, I am using Internet Recovery (Command-Option-R) as I have installed El Capitan in the ...
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MacOS partition formatted FFFFFFF etc after bootcamp install

My macOS partition has been changed to FFFFFFF format as seen in the attached images. There’s a similar question regarding this topic, however I would like to preserve the data on the partition in ...
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Create a bootable usb from [duplicate]

So my problem is that my mac is not booting up. Also,the OS X recovery HD is not available. Also, the internet recovery is not detecting my WiFi .. so i intend to clean install Yosemite on my mac. I ...
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Why does my macbook always shut down on recovery?

Hi am trying to fix a MacBook Unibody Model A1342, The macbook has an unknown error that might also be caused by water accident or drop or just internal problems. (I dont know about the macbooks ...
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Accessing Internet Recovery

I have a late 2012 model iMac that I'm preparing to sell. I want to reset it to factory defaults, so Internet Recovery sounds perfect. However, Cmd + Option + R during boot does not work. For that ...
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