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Instapaper is a tool for saving web pages to read later on one's Android or iOS device, computer, ereader, or smartphone.

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How can I speed up the iOS speech

Ever since I update to iOS 9.3, text to speech has been super-slow in Instapaper and Pocket. I tried going to settings -> general -> accessibility -> speech and changing the speed, but it's not ...
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ReadItLater-type app that saves web articles but also allows highlighting?

I use Pocket and I love it as a way of saving articles to read them later, and how it allows me to browse, search, and read them easily. However, when I read articles, I like to create highlights (...
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Instapaper freezing on startup due to problematic article

I added an article to Instpaper on my iPod Touch, and then I opened the article. It crashed Instapaper, so I deleted the article through my browser and then reopened Instapaper. Now Instapaper freezes ...
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How can I archive articles I'm reading on my iPad? (Evernote, Instapaper, etc)

I read a number of magazines and newspapers daily on my iPad, using a number of different apps. I generally start out in Flipboard, then read the New York Times using the dedicated app in Newsstand, ...
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Is there a way I can import ReadItLater's exported html file into my Instapaper?

Is there a way I can import my ReadItLater's exported html file into my Instapaper?
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Get Instapaper to save blog comments with article

I recently bought the highly respected Instapaper app for my iPhone. One thing I have noticed is that if I save an article from (most) blogs such as Coding Horror, the comments to the article are not ...
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