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Questions tagged [ibeacon]

iBeacon is a protocol developed by Apple as a class of Bluetooth Low Energy devices. This tag should be use when dealing with iBeacon or when an Apple device and a beacon are involved.

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1 answer

How to share iPhone location with iPad?

Now what I don't mean is sending a location manually to the iPad. Consider this scenario: I'm on the road and want to use my iPad for navigation. I prefer it to the iPhone due to the larger display. ...
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Are AirTags iBeacons?

I'm an iOS developer and I need to test some iBeacon detection. I'd like to use an AirTag to be able to test but I did not find if AirTags are iBeacons?
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Does Apple's stock Reminders app geofencing work with iBeacons?

I'd like to know whether geofenced reminders in Apple's stock Reminders app can use iBeacons to trigger. My use case is that I'd like to place an iBeacon in my home, and trigger reminders when it is ...
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Can iBeacon range/region monitoring trigger "dynamic"/data-based notification?

Can an iBeacon range and/or region event (for an iOS app that is not running in the foreground) somehow have a "dynamic" notification send to that iOS device (i.e. a notification text that is not hard ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How do I make my BeaconOSX iBeacon signal detection more accurate?

Here's my setup: iMac with BeaconOSX iPhone with Proximitask I am successfully broadcasting a signal and am getting notifications as I come and go to my office. However, the reminders are getting ...
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Does Apple have a policy restricting generic UUID with iBeacon apps in the app store?

I heard that developers must specify clearly the list of iBeacon UUID their app is working with, and that each change in this list would require an update. The reason would be to prevent companies to ...
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Can iBeacons work directly with remote servers?

Can iBeacons work directly with remote servers? in other words can you store notifications or information you want pushed out to users on a server and have that information retrieved from a server ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Disable iBeacon settings

There has been a lot written in the last day or two about iBeacon. Are there settings I can tweak so that I'm not tracked in stores I won't receive messages about products in my vicinity?
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4 answers

Is it possible to have my MacBook become an iBeacon?

Is it possible to have my MacBook become an iBeacon? I would like it to broadcast itself to iOS devices which support iBeacons. If this is possible, what are the hardware requirements of the computer ...
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