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How does Google now I'm subscribe to Hulu? [closed]

New level of Google creepy for me. Was searching a show and somehow it knew I'm subscribed to Hulu. Check out the pic. It says subscribed under Hulu. I have no idea how I've never used Hulu on my ...
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How to switch the subtitle language of Hulu on Apple TV

I began watching a show on Hulu. It came up with Spanish subtitles. I want to switch it to English subtitles. I was instructed by a Hulu customer service rep to go to the Hulu website, log in, pull ...
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How can I watching TV shows and movies from Hulu or Netflix while being offline on my iPad or Nexus?

I'm a paid subscriber of both Hulu and Netflix and I'm a commuter that uses public transportation (i.e. subway), unfortunately lack of internet connectivity prevents me from using these services (Hulu/...
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Why does Apple TV show screensaver when playing video?

On occasion, our 3rd Gen ATV will display the screensaver while playing video. Once it starts doing this, the only way to get it to stop is by restarting. I love my ATV, but this is quite a ...
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Use proxy in iOS to to use Apps outside the U.S

I live outside the US and would like to use some Apps that only work in US territory. Example: Square (to accept credit card payments), Paypal mobile, Hulu, etc... Is there a way to make iOS ...
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Send specific traffic through VPN based on the domain

I'd like to access Hulu and similar sites from outside the US, so I'm using blackVPN via PPTP. Works great, no major problems. Is there any way to use the (consisting) VPN connection only for a small ...
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Resetting a black menubar to white?

When I run Hulu Desktop (and certain other programs), they turn the menubar dark (and turn on auto-hide), but they don't put it back to normal when they are done. Is there a way of resetting the ...
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Is there any way to watch Hulu (or Hulu Plus) on the new Apple TV?

I was hoping Airplay might do this, but when I turn it on in the Hulu Plus app, it only streams the audio to the ATV.
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