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A hard drive is a device for permanent or long-term storage in computers.

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Mac HDD Firmware for non-Mac-HDDs?

First of all: I use a MacBook (white) 13.3" 2Ghz (It says it's a MacBook3,1). There was an 80GB HDD (Hitachi) built in, which just turned out to be a little too... Well, it's not enough anymore. So ...
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Set up 2 FW800 JBOD units as a RAID 1(mirror)

I've got 2 GMax external drive enclosures, each one takes 2 3.5" SATA disks (up to 1TB per disk), configured to appear as a single 'JBOD' unit. I use FW800 out of the MacBook Pro into one unit, and ...
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Is it possible to use Time Machine on a shared USB Hardrive?

I've a iMac with an external HD derserved to Time Machine. I also have a MacBookPro. Is it possible to make this config : Share the disk on the iMac so that the MBP sees it on the network Ask Time ...
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Do Macs need to be defragmented?

I don't see any application to defragment my Mac (running OS X). Is defragmenting not necessary for Mac OS X? If so, why not?
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How do I eject the Time Machine backup drive automatically after each backup?

How do I set Time Machine to eject my external Time Machine backup drive automatically after each backup?
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Can the hard drive in an Apple TV be upgraded? How?

I own an Apple TV, with 160GB of internal storage. I'm interested in replacing that hard drive with a larger one, perhaps 640GB, or else the largest 2.5" drive I can get that would be compatible. Is ...
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Can I take a hard drive from an iPod Video and put it in an older iPod?

My 80gb iPod Video just died, and I'm pretty sure the hard drive still functions. If I buy an older black-and-white iPod, can I throw in the hard drive and expect it to Just Work?
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Attaching 3.5" desktop drive to MacBook SATA

I have a mid-2007 MacBook that, according to the Apple Store, has suffered some liquid damage and requires a new logic board to operate correctly, a ~$750 repair I've been told (would normally be ...
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