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Mac OS X or macOS installed on non-Apple hardware. This makes the usage unlicensed & the subject off-topic for Ask Different.

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Hackintosh Big Sur black screen after verbose [closed]

I created a Hackintosh Big Sur by following the docs, and i can get into the boot menu, and boot, but after the verbose i get a black screen. Can you tell me why? Thanks! Motherboard: MSI B360 Gaming ...
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What are the main technical obstacles to running macOS on iPads in the near future?

Since the new Macs have ARM chips, there is now access a build of macOS that technically could run on a device like, say, the iPad Pro? The architecture should be pretty much the same, I guess? ...
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Is there a method to clone my macOS into fresh OS installer like Windows WIM?

On Windows there is this method exists: you create a backup image of the whole system (for example install all updates, tweak system parameters, harden the os, install some basic software and ...
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Having this weird issue where it's like my APFS container that I'm booted into is not mounted? (hackintosh)

I had this partition setup (I only have one SSD) that was something like this. This is not a direct copy of what it looked like, I am doing it from memory: /dev/disk0 (internal, physical): 0: ...
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Can This Mac Pro Be Restored To Original State

2006 mac pro Intel core 2 duo, 4gb 667, Original GTX 7800 Nvidia WD(also a Nvidia 120 512mb), 500gb HDD, Memorex DVD Rom. I got this free from a friend with no HDD therefore no OS. I purchased Snow ...
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From Hackintosh to Macintosh

Ok. So I recently got a Mac Pro (older version) from a very generous person. It rocks. All this time, I've had to use a crappy computer that I've run macOS on, that wasn't meant to run macOS. It was ...
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