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Grapher is a 2D and 3D graphing application that comes bundled in Mac OS X

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Parameters in Grapher

I am trying to plot a family of similar functions in built-in Grapher. I read that one way to do this is to write one formula for all functions to be plotted and then define the parameter by which the ...
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Grapher Having Problems After High Sierra Upgrade

My wife just upgraded to OS 10.12.6. She uses Grapher to make pictures for work. Now Grapher can no longer read her old .gcx files. She had a template she was using a lot. So, she had to remake ...
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How to draw an animated point to point line in grapher

I am using grapher and want o create some animations for a PHY class. I have figured out how to animate a dot moving in a circle, and what I am trying to do is draw a line from the dot as i moves ...
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Grapher can not open saved file if axis numbering orientation is changed

When I try to open a saved Grapher file after doing the following with Grapher on my iMac, I get (presumably from the Grapher) the error message The document "xxx" could not be opened and can not ...
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How to change the function plot colour in Grapher and make it persistent?

Here's y=x^2 plotted in blue: I coloured the function by going to "Window > Show Inspector". So all is nice and smooth, but when I change the function to, say, y=x^3, the plot turns black and has an ...
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