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Three-finger tap lookup multiple words

Is there a way to get the three-finger tap (AKA Look up & data detectors) to include more than a single word? I've tried selecting the desired text, then three-finger tapping, but to no avail. ...
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Wrong app comes to front after using mission control

I've been having this issue for a while now. I cant remember if it was a problem when I was using Mavericks, but I've only noticed it using Sierra. Every time I initiate mission control (using ...
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If possible how do I single out a app from starting in Safe Mode

If possible how do I single out a app from starting in Safe Mode. I want to use Safe Mode with out Photos involved for example. Is that possible?
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How to utterly disable every and all zoom gestures on macOS Big Sur?

I have all Scroll & Zoom options unchecked in the Trackpad preference pane of my Macbook Pro running macOS Big Sur 11.6. Nonetheless, every now and then as I am using a word processor, or ...
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MacBook Pro(Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013) trackpad is not working after Catalina update

My MacBook Pro trackpad cursor and gestures stopped working after Catalina update. I tried the following: logged in to safe mode and reset it. SMC reset. NVRAM or PRAM reset deleted plist files and ...
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Drag & drop stops working sometimes on High Sierra

After a while of leaving my computer (macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra) on, drag & drop stops working. To be clear: I can only hold files and drag them, but cannot drop them at any location (in finder or ...
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Very Odd Right-Click Behaviour on MBP 16

MBP 16 Catalina 10.15.5 Problem "Odd Behaviour" Right-click (2-finger tap on trackpad) URL or text. Whole URL is auto-highlighted and auto-selected (see image below): When I click "...
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What differentiates swipe gestures in iOS mail preview’s body?

This one has me stumped and has for some time. On iPad when previewing a Mail message, you can swipe on the actual body of the mail message preview itself. If you swipe from left to right, one of two ...
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Keyboard Shortcuts for Multi-Touch Gestures

I would like to customize buttons of my mouse to support some multi-touch mouse gestures. Are there a list of keyboard shortcuts for the gestures (for the ones that are possible to map)?
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What did I accidentally enable with a gesture in Photos?

I was scrolling around in Photos on my iPad trying to find an image. I had one of the images open and was navigating the bottom row thumbnails. There was very briefly a message saying something about “...
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On three-finger-swipe down: execute custom command or keyboard stroke

macOS has built-in funcitonality to drag stuff around with three-finger gestures, but I want the gesture to close the current window. I had BetterTouchTool configured to send CMD-W keystroke on my old ...
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Switching desktops / full screen apps on multiple displays?

I have kind of a weird case on Catalina (10.15.7, MBP 13" 2019). I have two external displays and a laptop screen. The laptop screen mirrors to Display 2. For some reason, I can switch between ...
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Edge gestures on iOS

I currently have an Android powered phone but I am considering obtaining an iPhone in the future. Of course, there are multiple precautions I'd like to address first. One of these is ergonomics. On ...
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How to map different trackpad gestures in a per-application basis?

For instance when using Photoshop together with some other editing tool, when I switch between the apps I mistakenly do the gestures to zoom/pan on the wrong application, so I wonder whether there is ...
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