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HFS(plus) file system consistency check and repair.

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Any way to configure fsck_hfs to use more memory to speed up verification of Time Capsule images?

Periodically Time Machine verifies sparsebundle backups with fsck_hfs. When the sparsebundle is on a Time Capsule (TC) it does this by creating a partial and much smaller representation of the ...
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"No space left on device" despite 70GB free; can't create any files larger than 8.0MiB on iPad

iPad Pro 9.7" (1st gen) 256GB, iOS 10.2.1. Problem #1: I can't create files larger than 2-8MB (it varies upon reboot). This renders the iPad virtually unusuable. Many apps won't launch, apps won't ...
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Is there a way to figure out which file is stored at a particular block?

I've just checked my SSD with sudo fsck_hfs -fy -S /dev/disk2s2 and it threw some errors, for example: block 2760096: *** NO MATCH *** What I would like to know which file is located at offset ...
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How do I rebuild the catalog on time machine backup hard drive?

My Time machine backup drive has started giving me these errors on doing a fsck. How can I rebuild the indexes on this drive? I just upgraded to Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6. The drive has 2 partitioned as: ...
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fsck_hfs invalid key length

The HDD is a brand new MyPassport WD 4Tb. I recently used it as my main backup and before I had the time to reformat another drive for a second backup (which means that some data on that drive are ...
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Apple fsck.hfs borks on corrupted journal

Got message, "Unrecognized disk" and a choice of eject, initialize, or ignore I chose ignore, then used "repair disk" Made no difference. Can this be fixed without reinitializing?
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Restore a partition on an external drive after enclosure failure

I had a very freak electrical accident with my iMac 5K a few weeks ago. One of my external drives (my backup drive) shorted out and would no longer mount. I decided to buy an 3.5" enclosure as I ...
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Seemingly unprovoked software corruption on external drive. Can I salvage?

I have an external disk on my Mojave system that seemingly had the volume name overwritten with another volume's name and now it won't mount and Disk Utility firstaid won't help. I have an external ...
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