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A floppy disk is a storage medium composed of a magnetic disk sealed in a rectangular plastic carrier. Floppies come usually come in one of three sizes: 8 inch, 5 1⁄4 inch, and 3 1/2 inch.

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Command to format a raw floppy disk image with FAT12?

I'm new to OS Development, and I want to format a 1.44MB floppy image with the FAT12 file system. I created the disk using dd if=/dev/zero of=<my image> bs=512 count=2880, so it's just a raw ...
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Error code -36 when trying to copy a .WPS file from an old floppy disk to my MacBook Pro

I am trying to copy a .WPS file from an old floppy disk to my MacBook Pro. I am using a Tendak USB Floppy Disk Drive (
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Creating floppy disk images from folders of data files for VirtualBox

VirtualBox is able to pass floppy disk images (in a format called IMA) to VMs. For a data preservation project, I need to create a lot of those images. My host system is macOS 11.6 Big Sur, and I have ...
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What's the safest way to ship diskettes?

I would like to have some original software shipped to me but I am afraid that it might become damaged in shipping. The software are the original boot disks and disk tools that came with my first Mac ...
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How to Enable Paste Menu Item in System 7

I recently got a Macintosh Color Classic running System 7.1, and I am trying to move old files off of it. My goal is to copy files from the Macintosh to a floppy drive, then read them from a USB ...
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How to read 3.5 inches Floppies with 1.7MB on them?

I have an external floppy drive (Teac FD-05PUB) that reads 1.44MB Floppies fine when they are formatted normally (classic 1.44MB MS-DOS format) but fails when floppies have 1.7MB on them (Microsoft's ...
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What format did old Macintoshes used?

I need what format did it used to use to revive my old Macintosh Plus. So I'm doing a research on what format did old Macintoshes used. (on hard drives or hdds). What I mean with this is what format ...
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Will an external USB floppy drive work with a modern Mac?

I have a number of old 3.5" floppies (Amiga and PC format) that I'd like to archive before they disintegrate. I'm curious if a cheap USB 3.5" floppy drive will work on OSX / macOS 10.11+? Yes, I ...
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Parsing through data from an old mac text editor. (Recovering data from a Mac floppy.)

I've been tasked with the job of recovering the text of a book stored on a 3.5'' floppy disk. From what I can tell, the book was stored on the disk using a Mac sometime in the 1990s. I tried simply ...
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Play Floppy Disk Game on my macbook

My husband loves this game, called Hellcats Over the Pacific, that I really want to figure out how he can play. It is a 1991 Macintosh floppy disk. Is there a way I can play this on my macbook with a ...
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4 answers

How to read old Apple ][ 5.25" floppy disks

It's like Apple is a different company than it was when it produced the computer I'm talking about, so I'm not sure this is the intended topic of discussion here, but this is a question about Apple ...
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8 votes
5 answers

Where can I find software for the Mac Classic?

I just found a really great application: Mini vMac, a Mac Classic emulator (simple and one that actually works). Is there a place where I can find some actual software that was meant for the original ...
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Which USB floppy drives can read HFS-formatted 400K & 800K floppies?

Does anyone know of a USB floppy drive model that can read old 400K & 800K Classic Mac OS (HFS) floppies? I have an Iomega Floppy Plus, but it can only read 1.44MB HFS floppies.
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