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Apple's first fitness experience designed around using the Apple Watch and various interactive exercise routines.

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How does Apple One consolidate family member free trial subscriptions?

I've been wanting to start an Apple One family subscription for a little while, just to consolidate all of the charges my partner and I are paying for (it's borderline whether it represents good value ...
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How do I get my missing Fitness badges from my old iphone to my new iphone?

I backed up my old iphone onto my laptop, then restored everything from my laptop onto my new iphone. My apps, contacts, photos, podcasts, etc. seems to have transferred over. However, when I looked ...
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Using the Fitness app without my Apple Watch

I have an Apple Watch and an iPhone and they're paired together. Right now, my iPhone tracks my calories burned only while I have my Apple Watch on. But, I only wear the Apple Watch when I'm working ...
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Can I listen to Fitness+ episodes with Bluetooth headphones paired to iPhone instead of watch?

I have an iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 8 and recently started the 3-month free trial for Fitness+. It has these "episodes" and I tried listening to a 34-minute "walk" episode. However,...
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How to activate Fitness and Fitness+ on Watch 6 and iPhone 11?

I see this when I open Fitness on the iPhone: Fitness The Fitness app works with your Apple Watch to keep track of your activity and workout history. To start using the app on your iPhone, first set ...
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Do I still get credited for move and stand goals if my Apple Watched is locked while on my wrist?

One thing I've been curious about and tried to check but haven't been able to fully confirm, is - if my Apple Watch is on my wrist but still locked (i.e. I just put it back on my wrist and have not ...
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Apple Watch workout for a standing-desk treadmill?

Any tips for getting this to work properly? I select "Indoor Walk" but my Apple Watch routinely thinks I've stopped working out and asks me to either Pause or End Workout, and my step count ...
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Connect my watch with family iPad for Fitness+

Ive got Apple Fitness* shared with my family. My wife has an iPad (with her own account, but part of the family sharing group) running 14.3 - capable of running Fitness+. Can I pair my watch to the ...
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How can multiple people do the same workout?

We have subscribed as a family to Apple Fitness+ and have it via a TV with Apple TV. All family members have access to the Apple TV already via profiles. It’s possible to have one person’s watch ...
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Put Fitness+ workouts on my TV

I do not have an AppleTV, but I have a TCL tv with Roku which has an AppleTV app. The TV says the app is up to date but I see no way to view fitness+ workouts. I have also tried using AirPlay from my ...
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Can't install Apple Fitness app to iPad 14.3

I just updated my iPad Pro 2020 to iPadOS 14.3. I'm also an Apple One Premier member. When I try to download the Apple Fitness app to my iPad, the App Store doesn't let me. I get an error message: &...
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