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Mac Firmware password suddenly appeared after moving drive

/tldr - Moved original Apple SSD to new logic board. No firmware password before, now suddenly there is - even on original board (after clean install). Sharing experience and insight from others - not ...
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Not Admin | Firmware password error | Recovery Mode wont boot

This probably sounds pretty sketchy, so I’ll preface my question with a brief run down of how I got here... Pretty sure I was hacked... It’s a mid-2012 running High Sierra on a SSD harrdrive. ...
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How is the timeout for a wrong firmware password determined?

I noticed that when you set a firmware password on your Mac and you enter it incorrectly, the timeout before you can enter a new password keeps increasing with every wrong attempt. I was wondering: ...
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Using a script to set the firmware password manually

First off, I am using macOS Mojave 10.14.6. In this answer, it shows how one could manually set a firmware password in previous versions of OS X without any user input, excluding sudo, which is ...
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Do I need to disable my firmware password to use Migration Assistant?

I'm moving to a new machine from an old machine with a firmware password. I seem to recall reading when I set up the firmware password long ago that the simple migration process will not work from a ...
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Kernel Panic on Shutdown

For a few weeks, every time I shutdown my laptop, It immediately reboots and displays a kernel panic error. I haven't been able to cleanly shut down for some time. The machine is a 15" Retina Macbook ...
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Boot from external drive with no admin password or recovery mode?

I recently left an organization that had placed a bunch of restrictions on my Macbook Air M2, which is running Sonoma 14.3.1. I don't have an admin password, and all startup options (recovery mode, ...
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Install Linux without firmware password

I have a Late 2013 MacBook Pro with an unknown firmware password set. I don't know the firmware password because the laptop is a castoff from a company and I have no way to get the password from them. ...
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