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Fink is a community-developed system for packaging Unix and Linux software for easy installation on macOS. Programs installed through Fink are run under the X11 environment, not within macOS itself.

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How can i run macports and fink simultaneously on Catalina?

I have fink installed and working on my Catalina system. I would like to also install macports to get some gtk3 software that fink doesn't seem to have. How can i install macports in such a way that ...
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Fink, Homebrew, MacPorts, pkgsrc — can I run them in parallel on the same machine?

I've been using Homebrew on my Mac forever, but sometimes I run into situations where a package is not available. For maximum choice, which of the 4 major package managers (am I missing any?) can be ...
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What is blackice-icecap user console on port 8081 on my MacBook air?

I have Fink installed on my MacBook Air and when I looked for open ports I see the following which I am unfamiliar with: 8080 common http-proxy/second web server port. 8081 blackice-icecap ICECap ...
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Latest fink unable to install xemacs on High Sierra

I did a fresh install of fink 0.43.1 on a High Sierra system, then installed texlive and all of its prerequisites. That all works fine. Then I try to add xemacs: fink install xemacs and I am met ...
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Fink installation: After installation (I believe): -bash: fink: command not found

I want to install "fink"to my new MacBookpro, when The core packages have been updated. You should now update the other packages using commands like 'fink update-all'. I assumed that fink has been ...
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Macports / fink / homebrew - which allows true non-root, home-directory-only installation?

I'm looking into doing some development on my Macbook Pro running Yosemite. I've used both Macports and homebrew before, but I really don't want to install anything on my machine outside of my home ...
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How to link back to the correct C compiler?

While trying to install fink-0.38.4 I get the ERROR: There is no C compiler on your system. Make sure that the Developer Tools are installed. I have got errors about missing a C compiler while trying ...
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install g77 using fink

I am trying to install convex optimization package OBOE: I followed its instruction, but I run into errors in this step: fink install g77 I think ...
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python version 2.7.8 can't run /usr/bin/easy_install. Try the alternative(s):

I'm doing a bunch of python development and also just updated OS to Mountain Lion. I had replaced to original Python versions with Snow Leopard using the GUI from, then added links in /usr/...
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471 views @INC dpkg-scanpackages / > Packages

I am running Max OS X 10.9 Installed: -Xcode 5 (latest version) -Fink -MacPorts -Xcode Command Line Tools -Theos I have a shell script running Dpkg-scanpackages debs / > Packages But i am ...
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How to upgrade Apache 2.2 to 2.4 in Mac OS X Mavericks

My ISP has upgraded the server to Apache 2.4.9 from 2.2.xx. It has broken a couple things in my setup and I want to bring my local copy of Apache 2.2.26 to 2.4.9 so that I can test locally. I've been ...
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Checking for MacPorts or Fink installed

I'm writing an install script for some software that depends on libUSB being installed however I need to check if macports or fink is installed, if they are not install homebrew. How can I check to ...
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Homebrew gives a warning: "You have MacPorts or Fink installed"

I just got a new Mac Pro with OS X 10.9. When I run: brew doctor I get the warning: Warning: You have MacPorts or Fink installed: /opt/local/bin/port This can cause trouble. You don't have to ...
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Fink help!! Not installing in Mavericks!

I just installed OS X Mavericks on my Mac. Now I'm trying to install Fink via the instructions here I have gone up to this line command: ./bootstrap But after that I am not able to run this line ...
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Is it possible to create an own MacPorts (proxy)repository/server?

Is it possible to deploy MacPorts server on an own server periodically updating it from global one (i.e. create MacPorts distribution/update proxy server)? So that all computers within organization ...
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OS X application manager

Unix-sytled, "package managers" like Fink, Homebrew, and MacPorts do a good job of managing 'headless' libraries. I would like something similar to manage OS X applications with a GUI. I am hoping ...
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MacPorts vs. Fink vs. Homebrew [duplicate]

I always used MacPorts to install and maintain my GCC compilers and other programs. Now I've heard about Fink and Homebrew. It seems these two utilities are gaining ground in the Mac community, but I ...
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What are pros and cons for MacPorts, Fink and Homebrew?

I'm just migrating from Ubuntu Linux to Mac, and everything is new and I'm re-learning a lot of stuff. On Linux I had the excellent apt-get to manage software packages. I googled for an alternative ...
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Installing gnuplot (or similar) on Lion

All the packages needed to install gnuplot through MacPorts on Lion succeed, except for aquaterm. Installing gnuplot through Fink is far less lucky on Lion. Fink bails out after only a third of the ...
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What are the key differences between fink and macports?

I don't want to start a holywar, but as far as I am concerned, I am on track according to the faq. I wanted to know the key differences between macports and fink. I am a long time macports user and ...
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curl gives error - possibly fink related?

When I try and run curl in the OS X Terminal I get the following error: dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libcurl.4.dylib Referenced from: /usr/local/bin/curl Reason: Incompatible library ...
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Is there any alternative to MacPorts?

MacPorts became really a pain because it does compile the packages on your machine, like the infamous gentoo and I would like something with a smaller footprint on your machine. I know that Fink and ...
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How can I install the X11 version of Firefox on Snow Leopard? (Preferably without MacPorts or Fink?)

I’m doing some screen-scraping using Selenium, a framework which lets you programmatically control web browsers on your system. I’m running it as part of a web app on a Linux server, and on my MacBook ...
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