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FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform relational database application from FileMaker Inc., a subsidiary of Apple Inc.

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Combine multiple related records into a string

I'd like to automate our license code management using FileMaker but can't figure out one thing. Say I have two DBs: Machines and Licenses. The two files look like this (all fields are text) Machines ...
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Applescript permissions in Mac OS 12

My music licensing business uses Filemaker and quite a few Applescripts as part of its day to day operations. For years we have been running everything on OS 10.14 without any issues. We recently ...
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AppleScript Error - Syntax Error [closed]

I have Keyboard Maestro macros that call AppleScripts to open FileMaker Pro and open a specific file. This AppleScripts have worked for years but since the update to MacOS 12.5 from 12.4 they stoped ...
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Are locally-stored Filemaker Go databases included in an iPad backup?

There are two options for backing up an iPad: icloud Backup the most important data on your iPad to iCloud This Computer A full backup of your iPad will be stored on this computer Does either of ...
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Filemaker How to Import into related tables

I recently purchased FileMaker Pro and created a new database with the "Contact" template. I have a CSV file with Names, addresses and phone numbers. When I choose import, the dialog only ...
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Unable to Print in FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced under Catalina, message "Change the custom paper size to the correct value, or use Scale to fit"

As of macOS Catalina upgrade, although I am able to see the Print dialog box, I get this error when I try to click the "Print" button: Unable to Print in FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced under Catalina, ...
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Issues with AppleScript scripts

I'm trying to get a simple AppleScript to run from a rule in under Catalina. The script is very basic: use AppleScript version "2.4" -- Yosemite (10.10) or later use scripting additions ...
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AppleScript to Add Multiple Files to VLC From List Results

I have a FileMaker Pro database of music files which uses AppleScript to pass it's search results into an iTunes playlist. I would like to use VLC instead of iTunes to play the audio files since I ...
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How to install Filemaker on my iPad?

I am not familiar with the iPad but my MacBook died and I can't afford a new one. How can I install software that is not from the Apple Store on my iPad? I have the software .ipa file, but how do I ...
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Does FileMaker Server 16 prevent use of the system apache in macOS?

I'm running FileMaker Server 16 ("FMS") on macOS High Sierra, without the macOS Server package. I set the FMS web server components up on ports 8080 and 8443 because I wanted to continue running other ...
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Monitor and automatically restart a process

I have a Mac Pro running OS X 10.9 with FileMaker Server (FMS) installed. One of the processes running is fmsased (script execution daemon). Periodically this crashes and I have to log into and ...
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Filemaker 12 Trial Installer

Is there an archive of old FileMaker Trial installers somewhere? I have a legit (seriously!) license for FM12, but the installer is nowhere to be found.
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